£25 Million Scrappage Scheme Announced for London

Ahead of the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone, the Mayor of London has confirmed a £25 Million Scrappage Scheme for London in a bid to help low-income Londoners scrap older and more polluting vehicles.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has announced a £25 million scrappage scheme that is due to be launched later this year. Aiming to reduce the toxic air produced in the capital, the scrappage scheme will provide car owners with financial support as they swap their polluting vehicles for cleaner ones that are able to meet emission standards for the Ultra Low Emissions Zone, which was to be launched in 2021 but is looking to be introduced earlier.

Improving London’s air quality has proven to be a top priority for Sadiq Khan and it is thought that this brand new scheme will take place in addition to the £23 million van scrappage fund, which is considered to help those small businesses scrap vans that don’t comply with the new Ultra Low Emission Zone standards.

Although it’s all very well and good trying to remove those older vehicles off the road, drivers will still have to fork out a substantial amount of money in order to purchase a new vehicle, which many of us just simply cannot afford to do, even with the help of the new scheme.

Taking both incentives together they will provide a whopping total of £48 million worth of scrappage in an attempt to help those struggling financially to upgrade to greener standards. Tackling the country’s air quality crisis is as important now as it has ever been before in Sadiq Khan’s eyes who is set to introduce the 24-hour seven-day-a-week Ultra Low Emission Zone in central London in just under seven weeks. This will bring the total cost of entering central London from April this year to £23 in conjunction with the Congestion Charge. The announcement for this new scrappage scheme comes after the Mayor and numerous other city leaders joined the UK100 network, a network of local government leaders who are aiming to move their communities towards clean energy by 2050 as they call for the Government to launch a nationwide scrappage scheme to get the older and more polluting vehicles off the road.

From having joined UK100, leaders who attended have said that this fund would help many drivers out of the most polluting diesel and petrol models on the road and allow for a network of Low Emission Bus Zones to be set up across the UK. According to UK100, statistics show that a £1.5bn fund would pay for 488,647 dirty cars, vans and buses to be taken off the roads while incentivising people and businesses to use low-emission vehicles and public transport.

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