The 6 Best and Essential Apps for Driving in the UK

If you love a good drive and need some ideas for apps that you can connect to your car, we've got what you need. Discover our top 6 driving apps here.

How we interface with our vehicles has changed over the past 5 years with the interaction between our phones and car being more synchronised than ever before.

Some of the hardcoded applications within Android/iOS are already an essential part of our driving experience like voice assistants such as Siri, which not only provide an easy user experience but from a safety perspective is excellent.

It’s always developing, for instance, one of the aspects of the new updates that came with iOS 11 for the iPhone added a do not disturb feature, which automatically detects from your car Bluetooth when you’re in the car so you can focus on driving.

Here we’ll look at the indispensable external Apps that we couldn’t live without in our daily commute.

Google Maps

Let’s face it, as GPS phone technology advances, satellite navigation gadgets are becoming obsolete and we can see why. With Google Maps being able to do most functions that traditionally a TomTom would do.

Google Maps has a fantastic easy to the user interface that you can easily navigate to find your destination. It also allows you to find any local conveniences and is constantly updated to bring you suitable local listings.


Like everything else in technology, platforms are being personalised to us. Although listening to the radio is a good way to catch up on the latest tunes, there’s nothing better than driving along to a catered playlist.

Spotify also supports podcasts so you catch-up on the latest news or tickle your funny bone with comedy such as Richard Herrings Leicester Square Theatre podcast.


Ever drove to your destination only to find that there’s no parking and no signs of any alternatives? With this app, you can not only find the nearest place to park, but you can also see how much the pay and display is.

This allows you to find the cheapest place to park but any other restrictions in place.

The AA

Having the official AA app may seem to be rather useless because if you’ve broken down you’d assume giving them a call would be your first action for an instant response. However, the AA app is incredibly responsive and is better at finding you using accurate GPS tracking.

It also has a function where if you enter your car registration within the app it will tell you when your car tax is due, MOT and when’s the best time to get serviced.


Finding the time to sit down to read a good book is one of the great nuisances of the modern age. Amazon’s Audible app has the largest library of audiobooks and if you sign up for a subscription then you can get one of any of the audiobooks free each month.

Flush – Toilet Finder

Something that all travellers need on a long journey. The Flush app lets you find the nearest public toilets and is updated by the community as a whole so you’ll never be cut short.

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