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£730 Million Shortfall In Road Maintenance Budget Sees Increase In Car Damage

February 7, 2018

According to the RAC, pothole related damage to cars such as broken suspension springs, distorted wheels and damaged shock absorbers has soared so far this year.

The RAC states that there were 6,500 breakdowns between January and March this year, which were suspected to have been caused by poor road surfaces. This is almost two-thirds more than the same period last year. The last time as many pothole defects were reported was at the beginning of 2015.

David Bizley, RAC Chief Engineer, stated “It is very concerning that the roads, strangely, appear to have deteriorated in a mild, comparatively dry winter.” He went on to warn that the condition of our roads was on a “knife-edge” and the major worry is what will happen if next winter is particularly cold and wet.

More than £12 billion of funding is thought to be needed to bring the road network up to a satisfactory standard, according to an Alarm study by the Asphalt Industry Alliance.

The gap between the amount councils say they received in the last year, and what they require to keep roads in reasonable order, is almost £730 million.

If you hit a pothole when driving the advice is to get your vehicle checked out by your local garage. Ask them to verify if there could be any other issues such as problems with tracking and wheel alignment, tyres or suspension. To give you the best possible chance against a pothole, make sure you keep your tyres inflated to the recommended tyre pressure found in your owners’ handbook.

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