AA is the first firm to deploy electric recovery vehicles in the UK

The AA has taken a big step by becoming the first UK-based roadside assistance firm to introduce fully electric recovery vehicles to its fleet!

These electric recovery trucks are designed to help the AA transition toward net-zero emissions.

Lets dive into some of the details about these innovative vehicles.

The AA plans to utilize electric recovery vehicles in the UK for various purposes, including, roadside assistance, vehicle recovery, eco-friendly towing and net-zero emission goals.

The electric recovery trucks will be dispatched to assist stranded motorists. Whether it’s a flat tire, a dead battery, or a mechanical issue, these vehicles will provide the necessary help.

When a vehicle breaks down or is involved in an accident, the AA’s electric recovery fleet will transport it to a repair shop or a safe location. The electric trucks are equipped with slidebeds and lifts to handle different types of vehicles.

By using electric vehicles, the AA aims to reduce its carbon footprint. Electric recovery trucks produce zero tailpipe emissions, contributing to cleaner air in urban areas.

The AA’s adoption of electric recovery vehicles aligns with its commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2035. These vehicles play a crucial role in transitioning toward a more sustainable future, says Edmund King OBE.

Overall, the AA’s electric recovery fleet will enhance its services while promoting environmental responsibility, that’s for sure.

The AA will deploy three ‘concept’ battery-electric assistance and recovery vehicles across the country in what it describes as a “pilot shift to low-emissions vehicles”. Those vehicles are:

Volvo FE Slidebed

This electric version of the Volvo FE 19T is equipped with a Boniface VLA (very low angle) slidebed. According to FleetPoint, it can carry up to 6000 kg on its recovery bed and an additional 2000 kg on its second car lift.

With an impressive range of 170 miles and a recharge time of 2.25 hours using a 150 kWh rapid charger, this vehicle is well-suited for recovering vehicles in and around low-emission zones like London and Birmingham.

Iveco eDaily Powerload

Another addition to the AA’s electric fleet is the Iveco eDaily Powerload. This van is designed for efficient and eco-friendly transportation, contributing to the AA’s commitment to reducing emissions.

It’s versatile, complete and robust. The eDaily Powerload offers the same robustness, power, and load capacity as its diesel counterparts but with zero emissions. It’s a reliable solution for urban delivery vans and various other missions, according to Iveco.

The Iveco eDaily Powerload combines sustainability, performance, and versatility, making it an excellent choice for eco-conscious transportation!

Iveco eDaily Crew Van with Compact Recovery Trailer (CRT)

The AA’s electric fleet also includes an Iveco eDaily crew van equipped with a heavy-duty Compact Recovery Trailer (CRT), says EV Powered. This combination allows for versatile recovery operations while maintaining a focus on sustainability.

The AA’s approach involves testing and scaling alternative fuel vehicles in real-world scenarios, emphasizing their commitment to a net-zero future by 2035. Hats off to The AA for leading the way in adopting electric recovery vehicles!

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