Apple Car – the rumours and expectations

Looking to find out what you can expect with Apple's latest development, the iCar? Get ahead of the game here and put those rumours to bed.

You’re not the only one struggling to keep up with Apple! They’re always up to something and now they’ve got us spreading rumours about the Apple car. A story full of twists and turns, you’re probably best grabbing yourself a cuppa before we go through everything you need to know about Apple’s car plans.

First things first, can you imagine a self-driving or electric Apple car? Apple has always got something big up its sleeve so it’s no surprise that they fancy a whirl with an autonomous automotive project, also known as Project Titan. However, many questions are still unanswered, and that’s what we’re there for.

Cut to the chase

Will Apple be building a car?

Giving Tesla a run for their money, Apple has been working on a car for donkeys now, an electric one, and possibly a self-driving one to be exact.

Also known as the iCar Project, and codenamed Titan, so far we know that Apple is looking at car-related tech but what we don’t know for sure is whether or not this will result in an actual car for the general public.

We all know that Apply is more than capable of producing an actual Apple Car, even if we have to wait another few years, a girl can still dream, right? All in good time.

When will the iCar land?

The burning question that we would all love to know the answer to but sadly, long story short, nobody actually knows.

Apple is keeping things under wraps and rumour has it that Apple hasn’t yet found a manufacturer to partner up with on the big project. You can just imagine the Apple Car vision and how much of a major conversation this would be with any manufacturer.

However, let’s not get too carried away with ourselves because until we actually see Tim Cook himself announcing the iCar, no one really knows for sure whether any car or car tech will ever be released by Apple. Here’s hoping, but we’ll just have to wait a little longer. A couple of sources have hinted that the Apple Car is nowhere near at the ready stage and that we could be waiting until at least 2025 until we see anything at all.

It’s going to be a long wait, but it will be so worth it. Apple’s expertise is with tech development and not car manufacturing so we can’t wait to see their finished product.

Spec and expectations

We would love nothing more than be able to share with you a quick glimpse of what Apple is working on, but this is top-secret. What you can expect though, is a fully electric car, automatic doors, and an interior without a steering wheel or pedals! That’s autonomous for you.

That’s not even half of it. Imagine having a virtual or augmented reality built into your interior and a spherical wheel that can allow you to drive sideways. like who knew that this was even a thing. Oh, and how about some fancy sensors too that allow the window to varying its tint in response to the weather. There’s just so much to get excited about!

Don’t even get us started on the entertainment plans. Apple is already deep in with technology and developing an in-car entertainment system is just something else. It’s like they don’t have enough on their plate already. With all this on offer, the car will also require some Wi-Fi and connectivity too, as well as navigation information, all of which Apple will offer.

Looking at the style of the Apple Car and what it will look like when it’s complete, sadly this is something that we’re just going to have to visualise as no one knows the answer to this one.

We’re sure that you don’t need us to tell you that Apple will do whatever it takes to protect the details of its products before its release and we’d expect no less with the iCar.

The road ahead for Apple Car

The bottom line is, the Apple iCar is still a long way off and we should expect to see it for some time and that’s ok.

We’ll just sit back, and wait for that major milestone, which remains unknown and that’s Apple breaking a deal of a lifetime with a car manufacturer. It will be interesting to see how Apple gets on and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us.

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