Bugatti Bike to match your car – yours for only £39,000

Created by German specialist, PG bikes, The Bugatti Bicycle is the ultimate luxury ‘accessory’.

Designed to “match your supercar”, the high-tech bike, claims to be the world’s lightest road bike at just 5KG in weight and Bugatti announced at the Geneva Motor Show this March that it will be produced only in limited numbers.

The bike itself is a masterclass in design and technology with the frame, fork, rims, handlebar, seat, seat post, crank and single brake made of the highest quality carbon fibre available. The handlebar has shock absorbers to significantly improve comfort, and the cross-sections of the frame elements have been designed for maximum aerodynamic efficiency.

The athletes’ bikes in the Tour de France can cost in excess of £10,000 each, but the Bugatti is not designed to win competitions, it is, as PG’s CEO Manuel Ostner puts it “the ultimate bicycle to go with the ultimate car.”

They simply wanted to design something extraordinary and that is what they have done, with it already gaining the attention of the national media and Bugatti aficionados.

If you would like to purchase a Bugatti bike, your order will be built to your exact specifications, by hand, in the Bugatti showroom in Weinstadt. Buyers can adapt their bicycle’s style to match their Bugatti supercar with special paints, carbon in various colours and have a choice of the world’s finest leathers.

PG’s CEO Manuel Ostner says: “We had the vision of building the ultimate bicycle to go with the ultimate car; ultimate in design, workmanship and performance.

“That is why we are very happy that Bugatti supports this vision, and we are proud to be able to use the name of this extraordinary brand for our product.”

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