Car Repairs That You Shouldn’t Do At Home

Forking out for car repairs can put a massive hole in your pocket, but if it's just not safe to do them at home, then having a professional look at them is for the best. Find out what car repairs you shouldn't do yourself at home with our top tips.

Although there are some car repairs that you can do yourself at home, there are also many that are just too complicated and beyond your skills that a mechanic is required. When things break in life, it is frustrating and there often comes a time when we must decide whether it’s time to cash up, avoid the repairs and be rid of the car or pay to have someone else look at your car and tackle the repairs.

Here is our list of examples of when it’s best to leave your auto repair jobs to the professionals:


Repairing damaged bodywork is time-consuming and requires attention to detail. Although this is potentially something that you could do yourself, there’s no doubt you’ll want to make sure that this is done correctly so it’s well worth taking your car to the professionals. This may be an expensive repair depending on the extent of the damage, but it’s well worth it to ensure that the job is done correctly so that it doesn’t need doing all over again.


As you’ll well know, your engine is one of the most important components of your car and it’s also the most expensive to repair and replace. Made up of hundreds of small parts and some which are highly computerized, if your engine is having some difficulties then you need someone who has the proper training and experience to take a look at this for you and who will not risk damaging this further.


If it’s a problem with your battery or the lights throughout your car, then you’ll probably need a professional mechanic to take a look at this for you. Electrical components inside your car are complicated and are not as easy to fix as a fuse. When it comes to electrical car repairs, mechanics are equipped with the specialised tools and training to be able to diagnose any electrical repair problems that your car may have so it’s definitely worth taking your electrical car problems to the garage as this will save you a lot of grief.


Snapped coil springs fall under the list of risky repair jobs and are certainly one that you should not carry out yourself. Removing coil springs requires a spring compressor, which if not secured properly when trying to remove them, the spring may come loose and can fling forward with some force. Why take this risk when you could pass this onto a professional who knows what they’re doing? This one is definitely a chore that’s best left in the hands of a mechanic.


Windshield replacement is not as easy as you may think. Acting as primary protection from dangers on the road, your windshield needs to be strong to prevent any damage or injury. Replacing a windshield can be costly but it’s worth having it fitted and installed correctly to ensure that it doesn’t cause any problems while on the road. While you may be tempted to save your pennies and do this yourself, you’ll save more money in the long run if you let experts handle your windshield maintenance.


If your car’s air conditioning system fails then you should seek assistance from a professional mechanic. Air conditioning systems are complex, especially on modern vehicles as if this seizes up, it can send tiny shards of metal through the system, which affects other components and therefore needs replacing. Given that air conditioning systems are dangerous, it’s best to leave these to the trained professionals.


Replacing your brake pads and rotors is the small stuff that can put you in a dangerous situation if not done correctly. Being able to stop safely is important so when something begins to go wrong, it’s best to take your car to a mechanic as quickly as possible in order for everything to be fixed properly. While your brake pads are relatively easy to fix yourself, your rotors are not and should be replaced by a mechanic who has the proper tools and machinery to carry this out correctly.


Having a functioning airbag is something that can potentially save our lives, as well as passengers in the event of an accident, which is why it’s extremely important to have a fully functioning airbag. Although airbag repair can be expensive, it’s important that this is done properly and a mechanic is definitely the right person for this job who can help to keep you and your passengers safe. You have no way of testing your airbag to ensure that it’s working, but you can ensure that if detonated, that it is removed and a new one is installed by a professional.

If you find that your car needs repairs, perhaps it failed its MOT and you find yourself struggling to fork out the cost, you may be considering selling your car. If so, finding a buyer is not as tricky as you may think. Check out our guidance page for more information on how to sell your car without an MOT.

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