Christmas Gifts You Can Give Your Car

If you're looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your car this year then you've come to the right place. We've created a list of amazing gifts, from air fresheners to seat heaters, you won't be short of ideas.

Are you struggling to think of Christmas gifts this year? If you’re car mad like we are or have friends and family that are too, then we’ve got some amazing ideas for those car lovers in your life. Let’s be realistic, our cars all have gender and whether we like to admit this or not, most of us have even named it. If this is you, it’s no doubt that your much-loved and cherished car also has its very own Christmas wishlist.

Here’s our list of gifts to give your car this Christmas:


Has it been a while since your car last had a new smell? Car air fresheners have been around for years and these days you can guarantee that almost everybody has one or more inside their car to keep it smelling nice. Designed to rid your car of any nasty odours, air fresheners are a treat and with so many on the market, from traditional pine trees on a string to the new vent air fresheners, these will make for a great stocking filler.


Car floor mats are the best way to protect your car’s carpet, so if you want to minimize the mess you make on your carpet, it’s definitely worth spoiling your car and investing in some new floor mats. Your car carpet has to endure a lot if you use your car every day and if you have pets and kids, it’s likely to wear and tear much quicker, but floor mats that are designed for the winter will hold all that moisture and will make for a great gift this Christmas.


We all know someone that’s forever losing their keys and who spends half of their life searching for them. However, with a handy key finder, you could make someone’s Christmas by putting a car key finder in their stocking Christmas. With a nifty transmitter and receiver, this little gift allows you to locate your car keys anywhere thanks to the loud alert and it can also be attached to anything, such as your keys, phone or wallet.


Perfect for storing your spare change, mobile phone, sunglasses and keys, dashboard pads will quite frankly hold anything that you want, allowing you to grab what you want quickly and easily. Holding your items firmly in place, does this without bonding too much to the object and your dashboard. Great for keeping everything in place, dashboard pads are great for holding anything while you’re on the road.


New cars these days can offer built-in satnavs and often cost a lot more than a standard satnav, so make sure that you understand whether it’s worth it before you purchase. Great for those lacking a sense of direction, you can easily find an affordable satnav to suit your needs, lane assist to voice prompt, safety camera and speed warnings, satnavs are packed with some great features and can help you get from A to B hassle-free.


Seat heaters are an easy add on to your car and a great for keeping you nice and toasty on those cold frosty mornings and winter evenings. Nearly any vehicle can have heated seats installed but you can also buy heated seat covers to heat your seat this winter. Living in the UK, it is cold the majority of the time, so seat heaters will be a great little extra for your car and perfect for keeping you warm.


Having a dashcam not only provides you with peace of mind while you’re on the road but they also provide a hassle-free way for you to record your journey. Dashcams are a great tool for providing quality footage which could help to provide evidence in the event of an accident. Although not all dashcams on the market are worth your money, you can be sure to find a dashcam to suit your needs and budget.


Some of us are constantly running on a low battery and eventually we run out of juice when we need our mobile the most. If this is you, then you definitely need to invest in a power bank or portable charger if you haven’t already done so. With a power bank, you can easily keep phones, tablets and laptops charged while you’re out and about and there’s no need to hook it up to anything in order for it to charge your device.

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