Cold Weather Car Problems that Everyone Has Experienced

Every car suffers from the cold in the winter and it can cause us a lot of hassle. Find out how to tackle your winter car problems head on here.

It’s getting pretty cold over here at Jamjar so we thought we’d share some common frustrations that everyone experiences around the time of year. We’ll also go over how you can solve some of these rampant annoyances.

Those Frosted Windows Mornings

We’ve all been there. You get to your car ready for work extra early when there’s an extra layer to the front and rear window. Go-to is usually to sit in the car and leave the heating on. But this is not cost-effective if you’re having to do this each morning. We’d recommend keeping a window scraper and de-icer at the ready.

Batteries Hate the Cold

Most cars can stand the extreme cold but older cars might not fare well. If you’re only able to store your vehicle outside you might find that your car battery has been depleted. Cold temperatures can extract the voltage leaving you with a dead battery.

There are some ways you can solve this:

  • Always keep jump leads in your car, in case of an emergency.
  • If you don’t have a garage, think about charging your battery every week.
  • Get your battery checked every three years.

Oh No, my Fluids are Frozen

Your vehicle runs on a lot of fluids but the number one liquid that usually freezes up is the one you’ll need the most, which is the wiper fluid. This only happens if you’ve not used proper screenwash, which shouldn’t freeze.

Uh Oh the Tyre Pressure Light has Come on

The air within tyres decreases during the colder period, especially if they’ve been set in a hotter climate so don’t be surprised if you find your tyres looking flat. Best practice is to check tyre pressure monthly then you won’t get as much of a shock.

I Can’t Get in my Car

This is a very rare occurrence but can happen in some very chilly circumstances. There are many things you can do to get back in, including:

  • Applying direct force to the door, try putting pressure by pushing the door
  • Pour hot water from a kettle directly on the door seal
  • Use de-icer but most of us keep this in the car so might not be an option

Generally, the Car Won’t Start!

Oh dear, if you’ve tried all the above and still not able to start then it might be the case that your vehicle might have had its time. You are in luck though. Jamjar is the UK’s original car buying service comparison site. We will value any vehicle no matter its state so why not get in touch today and find out how you can sell your car and get the best deal?

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