Electric Cars Set to get Road Priority in Clean Air Zones

To encourage drivers to choose less-polluting electric cars, Electric cars could be given priority at traffic lights and exempted from one way systems, under new proposals. Five English cities are proposed for these measures which will create clean air zones and also restrictions on older, polluting commercial vehicles could be introduced. Experts in the car industry are worried that this may create huge confusion with drivers becoming confused with separate rules for different kinds of cars. Pollutants released into the environment are linked to over 40,000 deaths each year in the UK, therefore the new clean air zones, which the government has told these cities to introduce within four years, will hopefully go some way to reduce these figures and improve the quality of live for people who live and work in these areas now and in the future. The clean air zones are the government's response to a UK Supreme Court ruling, which ordered it to take action to meet European limits on air pollution. Are these new measures a case of too little too late? Alan Andrews, a lawyer for ClientEarth, an environmental law group which brought the Supreme Court action, certainly thinks so saying that five cities in the UK introducing a clean air zone programme is not a grand scale solution. He went on to state that “Other local authorities won't introduce voluntary clean air zones unless they are made to, or paid to."

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