Elon Musk’s Boring Company Set to Take Cars Underneath Major Cities

Elon Musk, billionaire entrepreneur and founder of Tesla shared his ground-breaking vision for reducing traffic congestion last week, during a TED talk in Vancouver. Musk hinted last December that a new business might be on the cards following a twitter rant about the terrible Los Angeles traffic. During the TED conference, Musk presented a computer-generated clip of a Tesla being transported underground on electric ‘skates’ and zooming through a narrow tunnel at 130mph before being elevated back to street level into a space no more than two car parking spaces wide. The concept would require a large network of tunnels and loading lifts to be constructed across a city. He also covered off the fact The Boring Company would control costs by developing a machine which could simultaneously perform tunnelling and reinforcing, which would keep project expenditure down. This is the latest bold and ambitious scheme to come from Musk and is designed to counteract what he calls ‘surface congestion’ by sending vehicles underground to join other autonomously travelling traffic, before resurfacing at their desired destinations above ground. Although, only in concept phase, Musk gave an example of how he believes his high-tech tunnels could reduce a standard 30-minute journey across Los Angeles to a little as five minutes, which would revolutionise car travel. Elon Musk has proved he is a man of his word so far with projects such as SolarCity, Tesla, and SpaceX which he says are designed to change the world and help humanity…..so expect to hear more news on this in the next few months.

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