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The History of Auto Express

April 6, 2017

Auto Express has long since been hailed the number one motoring magazine in Britain, rivalled only by the well-established Autocar journal.

Since its launch in 1988, Auto Express is renowned for employing top motoring journalists and reputable testers giving its readers up to date news and reviews on all things car owners hanker after.

From news stories to reviewing new cars and old, Auto Express assess more than 1,100 a cars a year providing opinions that readers have grown to trust. Nothing happens in the world of motoring without Auto Express reporting on it.

As well as covering news and car reviews, the format each week includes readers’ letters and feedback, product tests, up to date prices, speculative designs of future cars, motorsport and comment columns. Sister magazines in France and Germany; Auto Plus and Auto Bild, also follow this formidable format.

Since April 2001, Auto Express have been publishing the Car Ownership Driver Power satisfaction survey which presents the one hundred best and worst cars to own that year.

The survey gives readers a chance to rate what they think of their car, manufacturer, dealer, insurance company and breakdown cover such as RAC and the AA, giving fellow motorists the advantage of unique insights into what everyday users are experiencing, good and bad.

As well as benefitting consumers, it also gives companies fundamental feedback on what they are doing well and where they are going wrong.

Auto Express has a circulation of over 45,000 and an additional 25,000 weekly subscriptions. The magazine is relied upon by thousands of readers to assist them in making informed decisions about all motoring purchases.

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