How to Avoid a Winter Breakdown

Here's how you can avoid a frosty winter breakdown as we prepare for the cold weather to set it. Find out you can extend your vehicles life and much more.

There’s no doubt about it, a breakdown is probably every driver’s worst nightmare. Yes, there’s breakdown cover and you can call the RAC if you needed (there are other breakdown providers available), but here are some top tips on how you can prevent a breakdown this winter:

1. Plan like you’ve never planned before

Planning is key! Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. If you’re going out on a long journey its definitely a good idea to carry out all those important checks. For example, the weather. You can never rely on British weather, so don’t listen to what the forecast says. Prepare for rain, snow, ice and maybe even the sun, you never know. Your warning lights, you don’t want these flashing on your dashboard so it’s probably best to check the ins and outs of your car. The worst thing you can do is ignore them. Oh, and maybe have some supplies too like snacks, a blanket, some de-icer and a phone charger.

2. Fill it to the brim

If you haven’t got a full tank then I’d think twice about leaving. With everybody travelling to see their friends and family around this time of year, there could be an increase in breakdowns, which means there could be lots of stop/start driving. This will impact on your fuel consumption so having a full tank or as much as you think is necessary to get you from A to B is definitely needed. We can’t imagine you want to be running in the red and panicking trying to find the nearest petrol station. Not our idea of fun, is it yours?

3. Stock up while you can

We all know our cars need a lot of care, but did you know in the winter that they need double the amount? Yes, as you can imagine your car needs some tender loving care if you want it to stay in shipshape condition. Engine antifreeze and coolant should be your best friends at this time of year and if their not, then they want to be. These liquids are lifesavers and will help your car to avoid the risk of a breakdown. It’s best to have plenty of these in and to check all your levels before making a big journey.

4. Look for any general wear and tear

Are your wheels looking ok? Do you have enough tread? Is there any rust anywhere? Having a walk around your car every now and again is a good idea so that you can see if you can spot any problems. Keep your eyes peeled, check there is enough tread, don’t forget about your wipers and double-check before setting off that everything is in order. If you’re always in and out of your car then you might have a bit more general wear and tear than someone who isn’t and our cars are sensitive souls so don’t forget that they need a bit of tender loving care too. You’ll thank yourself for it in the long run.

That’s enough chatting now, its time to go and check your car. If everything looks ok, fantastic! However, if you’ve been experiencing some problems due to all this cold weather, maybe your battery no longer works or your car has just given up and it can’t carry on, you don’t have to worry about trying to find someone to take it off your hands. You can now find out how much your car is worth for FREE, right here, right now, without having to enter your personal details. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Head over to our homepage to get your valuation now.

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