How to change my number plate

Want to know how to change your number plate? It's so easy and we've created some simple steps to help you along the way.

If you need to swap your number plate from one vehicle to another, then we’ve got everything you need to know right here.

How to install your plate?

So you’ve got your new plate but how do you go about fitting it on to your car?

1. Get the tools out

First things first, you’re going to need to get the appropriate tools out. Check out the screws that are were holding your old plate in place. You’re then more than likely going to need a screwdriver to get to the bolts.

If you’re unsure and not that savvy with tools, it will probably take you a couple of tries before you find the right size.

2. Remove the old plate

Once you’ve found your bearings and you’ve got all your tools together, just crack on and remove the old plate with your screwdriver.

Don’t forget to set the screws aside where you can just grab them later. Try not to lose them whatever you do.

3. Line it up

Precision is key. Take your new plate and hold it up to your bumper. It might need a bit of a jiggle so that the holes on the plate can line up with the holes on your bumper, where your number plate will be screwed in.

4. Replace the screws

When screwing in your new plate, take the screws that you left to the side, and use them to hold your new plate in place. Then you’ll need to take the screwdriver and use it to tighten them up.

Whatever you do, just don’t screw them too tight as you might warp the plate or damage your bumper.

5. Repeat on the other bumper

Once you’ve done your back bumper or front, whichever you have done first, don’t forget to do the other one.

It would look very odd if you had only changed one. Imagine the looks you’d get if anyone noticed, never mind what the police would say.

6. Bin your old plates

Before just getting rid of your old plates, its probably best to contact the DVLA to find out the proper way to dispose of your old number plate.

However, if you were to just put it in the bin, make sure that you break it up completely first so that no one can take them and use them.

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