How to prepare my car for summer

Get your car ready for the summer right here with these top tips. You could surprise yourself by the sort of summer checks that you should be carrying out.

It doesn’t feel like it was that long ago that we were sharing our top tips on how to prepare your car ready for the winter and yet now here we are helping you get ready for the summer.

You want your car to be at its optimum wellness, don’t you? Well then get your car ready for the summer with these quick and easy top tips.

1. Air conditioning

If you don’t want to be a sweaty mess in your car this summer then we’d definitely recommend making sure that your air conditioning is working and is on top form. If it gets too low or it’s running out, or if you find that its blowing warm air instead of cold, get your cabin air filter checked out as soon as.

2. Oil level

If you know how to check your oil level, then it’s a good idea to check to see if you need more and if so, give it a good top-up ready for the summer. Doing this frequently will be much more beneficial to your car’s engine and performance.

3. Windscreen wipers

Your wipers are so key when your driving. Obviously, they’re good for the winter and the rain but they’re also good for the summer when you need to give your windscreen a quick wash. Always ensure that you’re checking your fluid levels and topping them up when needed. Having a good pair of wipers is also key or they will just smear your windscreen and will be pretty useless for you.

4. Tyres

Your tyres are so important and without them you’d be lost. Your tyres need to be inflated to the right pressure at all times, but during the summer months, this is even more important. If your tyre was to become underinflated, it will run hotter and as the temperature of the tyre increases, the air inside will expand, which causes pressure to rise and could put your car at risk of a blowout and you don’t want that now, do you?

5. Brakes on

Your brakes are there to help you stop. But it’s your brake fluid and brake pads that enable your brakes to do their job properly. So make sure you’re checking these regularly as if you get stuck when you’re coming down a hill and you can’t stop, you’ll wish that you had checked your brakes before you set off tumbling down it.

6. Coolant

Did you know that the greatest cause of a summer breakdown is overheating? If you didn’t then you do now. Your coolant is key and should be checked regularly and flushed according to your car’s manual. Your coolant is clever and is there to protect your engine from freezing in the winter and will also protect your engine from overheating in the summer. So just pop your bonnet open and top it up if necessary.

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