How to Prevent Your Car from Being Hacked

We're all at risk of having our car stolen, but with these top tips, you could prevent your car from being hacked by criminals.

With new gadgets, connectivity, and autonomous technology transforming our vehicles, it’s important, now more than ever, that you take the necessary steps to protect your vehicle from modern-day criminals. Keyless entry car thefts are on the rise in the UK and are a trick that is very popular with today’s crooks in society. So, to help prevent your car from being stolen from relay car key hackers as well as hackers in general, check out our top tips below on how you can avoid getting your car hacked and implement strategies to minimize your vulnerability.

Here’s a list of ways you can reduce your vehicle from being stolen by criminals:

1. Store your keyless remote in the fridge

Sounds bonkers we know, but storing your car key in the fridge, will block the signal to your car. This will, therefore, prevent a thieve, who is trying your car door handle, from stealing it. If your car keys are close by, then the car will send a wireless signal to your keyless fob, which will respond by unlocking your car door and allow for it to be stolen. Why the fridge you may ask? Well, if a hacker knows that you store your car keys near the front door, they could simply stand outside your home, intercept the signal from your car key with a pair of radio transmitters, and off they go. So, the further away from the door the better.

2. Use a classic steering wheel lock

To prevent criminals from stealing your car, perhaps think about securing it with a good old-fashioned steering wheel lock so that it cannot move. Making your car impossible to drive, having a steering wheel lock acts as a great deterrent to many car criminals. Yes, they may look unattractive, but for better vehicle security, you’ll be able to combat thieves with this basic security, putting you at ease.

3. Turn off your car’s Bluetooth and wi-fi

When you’re not using them, it’s best to ensure that you switch off your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as an open wireless connection could allow criminals to connect to your entertainment system. In doing this, they are able to take control of either one or more parts of your car. If your car has a Wi-Fi hotspot, which allows you to unlock your doors and start the engine, make sure that you don’t make the mistake of leaving your password in the car as you don’t want to be that person.

4. Scan USB drives

This may seem obvious, but don’t plug in a random USB drive into your dashboard as an infected USB could contain code that is designed to compromise your car. A good tip is to use AVG Antivirus, which allows you to scan your USB drive in your computer to ensure that it is safe before using it in your car.

5. Buy an OBD lock

Don’t know what an OBD is? It’s the onboard diagnostic system, connecting your car to the outside world. Aside from the usual normal security options, such as parking in a safe place and taking precautions to protect your vehicle from theft, having an OBD will buy you some time if someone was to break into your car. It’s simple, to prevent criminals from accessing your OBD port, move it from its common position to somewhere else in the car.

6. Avoid a top-of-the-range car

If you can, try and avoid purchasing a new vehicle that is kitted out with all the latest digital technology. Although some of us love driving around in an expensive car as it gets us lots of attention, the more digitally integrated your vehicle is, then the more vulnerable it is to being hacked. The theft of expensive vehicles by sophisticated car thieves is a big business, so don’t provide criminals with the opportunity.

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