Mercedes will Launch 10 Electric Cars by 2025

Mercedes-Benz have confirmed plans that the German car manufacturer plans to launch 10 electric cars by 2025. The luxury carmaker announced their Generation EQ Electric SUV concept at the 2016 Paris Motor Show earlier this year and are now looking to launch a range of ambitious electric-car plans in the future. Mercedes-Benz revealed that the electric SUV will be built at its plant in Bremen, Germany. The plant is the lead plant for the C-Class and GLC models. It will also produce small numbers of the GLC F-CELL hydrogen fuel cell car variant as well. The plan for 10 cars is quite a lot less than the 30 electric cars that the Volkswagen Group have planned for around the same date; although given the luxury segment in which Mercedes competes, here at Sell Your Jamjar, we still feel ten is still a significant amount. The Mercedes car will ride on a 'skateboard' style platform where an electric motor is mounted at one or both axles. Apparently, the batteries will be stored in the floor. The GLC F-CELL will have limited availability next year and customers will have to wait even longer for the EQ electric SUV, which is not likely to arrive until before the end of the decade. The rush to launch new electric cars from Germany’s automakers have arisen due to the improvements made to battery technology in recent years as well as more generous incentive programs, particularly in China.

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