New Smart #5 electric SUV is packing up to 637bhp

Have you heard that the final design of the Smart #5 brand's largest model has been revealed, along with towering tech specs and dimensions?

The Smart #5 electric SUV is a significant departure from the brand’s small car roots, featuring a blockier and more upright stance. Boasting an all-electric range of more than 341 miles and includes a drive system with 800-volt technology and a battery with a nominal capacity of 100+ kWh, what’s not to love?

This allows for super-fast charging, regaining up to 70% State of Charge in just 15 minutes. A flagship model is expected to deliver up to 475kW (approximately 637bhp), according to Drive.

Visually, the Smart 5 diverges from Smart’s established design language with a blockier and more upright stance, lots of SUV-typical styling elements, and a 475kW flagship model. The mid-size Smart 5 is set to be the largest and most powerful Smart ever made, and it could be in local showrooms in Australia by 2025, says Drive.

Showcasing a mix between a Mercedes GLB and a shrunken Land Rover Defender, with smooth, curved edges reminiscent of Smart’s existing #1 SUV,  the Smart #5 electric is a dream. It’s described as Smart’s “most spacious and versatile vehicle to date,” marking the brand’s entry into the premium mid-size SUV segment. The production car’s first pictures have been published, confirming its key technical specifications and dimensions.

Dirk Adelmann, CEO of smart Europe GmbH said “For more than a quarter of a century, smart has made a significant impact by pioneering models and mobility solutions for the urban space and beyond.”

“The smart Concept #5 is the most unexpected and versatile car that our brand has ever created. With this vehicle, we leave all boundaries behind and open up a new segment for customers in Europe and worldwide.”

The Smart #5 has unexpected capabilities for all kind of adventures that’s for sure. Is it the most versatile smart of all time?

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