New Year’s Resolutions for Your Car

Don't exclude your car when it comes to making your New Year's resolutions. If you're struggling for ideas, not to worry as we've got some great ideas that will help to benefit your car in 2019.

Happy New Year from the team here at! So with the Christmas holidays has been and gone, are you feeling refreshed for a new year? When January arrives many of us feel that this our chance to make a fresh start, set new goals, and commit to a set of resolutions that will help us to better ourselves throughout the year. Whether your goal is to lose weight or quit smoking, you should never forget about making a promise to your car. It may sound silly, but you should take your car into consideration when you’re thinking about your new year’s resolutions.

So if you want to make yourself a better car owner, here are our car care resolutions that will help keep your car in the best condition this year:

1. Give your car a good deep clean

Although keeping your car clean may be the last thing on your mind between going to work, shopping, and dropping the kids off at school, it’s a good idea to clean your car on a regular basis. It’s very easy to neglect your car and it’s not long before it looks untidy and a little dirty. We’ve all been there and said I’ll do that at the weekend, but we never actually get round to doing it.

Cleaning the car comes naturally to some of us, however, for others, this can be a tedious activity and a challenge. Maintaining your car and giving it a thorough clean on a regular basis will help to keep your car looking as good as new. You don’t even have to do it yourself, simply take it to the car wash and have them give your car some tender loving care.

2. Stick to the service schedule

Following your car’s service schedule doesn’t have to be as difficult as you may think. If you have found this to be a challenge in the past, then why not make a promise to yourself to keep on top of your car’s servicing schedule this year. Following your service schedule, will help you to avoid any nasty surprises when it comes to your MOT. We all want the same with our cars, which is to keep the cost of our cars as low as possible. So to prevent unexpected repair bills, ensure that your car is properly maintained as this could help you to save a lot of money.

3. Address minor problems quickly

We’ve more than likely all been there, heard that strange creak, saw the warning light on the dashboard, and even smelt that weird smell, but we continue to drive and ignore the odd minor fault every now and then. Although we may think that the car is ok as it still appears to be driving and on the road, it could be a small problem like those squeaky brakes that cause a bigger problem, which racks up some even bigger maintenance bills. If you suspect that your car has even the smallest problem, you should get this checked out as soon as you can.

4. Schedule regular oil changes

When we talk about maintaining and looking after our car, changing our oil regularly is very important. Every 5,000 miles or so, you should think about changing your oil as the oil becomes dirty and full of contaminants. To prevent your oil from causing wear to your engine, ensure that your engine is lubricated, and bear in mind that the older your car gets, the more oil changes that it may need.

5. Stay on top of your fluids

In addition to keeping yourself hydrated this year, you should also think about keeping your car hydrated too. It’s important to stay on top of your oil, coolant, brake, and clutch fluids. Although you may not think it, your car is a thirsty thing. By regularly changing your car’s fluids, you can help to ensure that you prevent your car from breaking down.

6. Drive smarter

When you’re behind the wheel, try to relax. Bad driving habits and aggressive driving is dangerous and has lots of negative effects. Take it slow and give yourself some time to plan ahead, while always making sure that you’re obeying the speed limits. If you drive erratically you’ll increase your fuel consumption and increase the general wear and tear on your car as you place it under strain. Try to not brake too harshly, accelerate too quickly and be sure to let your car warm up properly first before setting off.

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