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What do the Three Main Party Manifestos Mean For Motoring

May 31, 2017

The manifestos for the coming elections next week highlight the importance of working towards a solution that will work for the automobile industry and tackle environmental impact.

Here is our summary on what the three main parties have promised in regard to Britain’s road network, the motoring industry and their ideas to reduce the effect of vehicle pollution on the environment.


Liberal Democrats

Under the section “Clean air and green transport” the Liberal Democrats have claimed that air pollution has cost the NHS £15bn and contributes to 40,000 premature deaths a year. If elected, they will pass a Green Transport Act and will initiate an Air Quality Plan which will include the following;

Diesel Scrappage Scheme

A Ban on diesel car sales by 2025

Taxis and Buses to be low-emission in five years

A Taxation reform

Electric vehicle infrastructure

Invest in Hydrogen fuel cell cars



Under the Section “Transport” in the Labour Manifesto, They promise to “invest in a modern, integrated, accessible and sustainable transport system that is reliable and affordable.” Labour focuses a lot on public transport and renationalising the railways. The whole section only mentions ‘cars’ once saying that Labour’s “plans will encourage people to get out of their cars, for better health and a cleaner environment.” The transport plans include;

Road safety targets

5G coverage on roads and networks (next generation of mobile internet)

Ultra-low emission vehicles

Retro-fitting diesel buses



The Conservative manifesto states “Brexit will define us: our place in the world, our economic security and our future prosperity”.  The current government’s manifesto promises to focus on the following;

Supporting car manufacturing

All cars to be zero-emissions by 2050

More low-emission buses

Community mini-buses

Uninterrupted mobile phone signal on 95% of major roads by 2022

Digital infrastructure


Program of support for autonomous and electric vehicles

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