Top 5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Car

Spring is just the perfect time for cleaning your car. Although it might be the last thing on your to-do list, spring cleaning your car is an important task. With our top tips for spring cleaning your car, you'll be able to get rid of all that winter grime in no time.

Spring is finally here, which means it’s now time to get those marigolds out and start spring cleaning your car! With the ice, snow, and salt hopefully behind us, it’s time to make your car shine and look amazing as we soak up these warmer months. This warmer weather means more road trips, which means that you need to ensure there is enough room for friends and family to tag along. You’re more likely to enjoy your road trip if your car is well-organised, clean, and fresh and so will your companions too. So, if your cars loaded with rubbish, roll up your sleeves as it’s time to get to work.

Here are our top 5 ways to spring clean your car:

1. Get rid of all the rubbish

Before getting started with all the nitty-gritty scrubbing involved in freshening up your car, it’s a good idea to start by removing all the rubbish and clutter that is weighing you down. It’s very easy for us to chuck our rubbish onto the back seats, on the floor and stash it in the door pockets and tell ourselves that we’ll clean it up later, but the truth is, we never really get round to it. It’s a good idea to get into the habit of throwing away any rubbish you may have while you’re filling up at the petrol station. To help prevent the rubbish from piling up, be productive and throw away the rubbish anywhere you can as this will make your car a lot easier to clean later down the line.

2. Vaccum and dust the inside

When it comes to cleaning the inside of your car, start by wiping down your console. Make sure that you get right in there with those cup holders, charge holders, and all those other little openings. Ensure that you lift up your floor mats as although you may think nothing gets under there, you’ll be surprised when it comes to vacuuming what’s underneath. Try and get right under your seats and collect all that dry dirt, as well as that dirt on your seats too. Once you’ve cleaned and vacuumed everywhere, use a carpet cleaner if necessary to remove any of those stubborn stains that might have made an appearance.

3. Wash the exterior

By washing the outside of your car you can help to prolong its life, as well as making it shine and look good. Be sure to both wash and wax your car’s exterior to get rid of all that salt, dust, and mud that has been building up over the winter. After washing your car, a good wax will give your car that little bit more protection going forward as it strengthens the paint and adds a special shiny effect. So don’t sit around waiting for the rain to come back to clean your car, get yourself out there and give it a good wash.

4. Windows and mirrors

It’s no doubt that our windows and mirrors accumulate a little dirt when we’re driving so it’s very important that we don’t ignore these and that they are cleaned in order to prevent any road accidents. If we were to leave our windows and mirrors full of dirt then this would hinder our visibility when driving. For the best visibility use a window cleaner and don’t forget to clean both the inside and out.

5. Don’t forget the boot

We may not realise it but we do tend to throw everything and anything into our boot with the aim of coming back to it at a later date. However, when it comes to needing to use the boot, this does become a little bit of a problem. As the warmer weather creeps in, now is probably a good time to clean out your boot and remove any unnecessary items that may have piled up in there during the winter. Once you’ve removed all your items, don’t forget to give vacuum out any dirt and while you’re there it’s probably a good idea to check you’re spare tyre and ensure that it’s properly inflated.

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