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Top 8 Items Everyone Should Keep in Their Glove Box

April 12, 2019

The majority of us like to think that we can get from A to B with no problem whatsoever. However, this is sometimes not the case and we should all be prepared for whatever our vehicles may throw at us. There are many situations where you may find yourself needing to get out your emergency kit but what about the emergency supplies that you should have inside your car? You may not realise it, but your glove box is a very handy little compartment that you could stock with some essential items as oppose to littering it with unnecessary bits and pieces in here and there. To help you maximise the use of your glove box, we’ve prepared a list of essentials that you should keep to hand in your car.


Here are some of our glove box essentials:


Hopefully, you won’t have to use this, but just in case of an emergency, it’s perhaps a good idea to ensure that you have packed a small first aid kit in your glove box as you never know when might need a plaster or some disinfectant. It’s good to be smart and prepared for anything and the great news is that most supermarkets actually sell small compact kits that are handy enough to fit right into your glove box, should there ever come a time that you need it.


Although most of our mobile phones can be used as a torch, sometimes we just need a big old-fashioned torch to allow us to grip it properly and make it easier for us to handle in those more confined spaces. A torch is a simple but practical item that you should keep in your car at all times as you never know when you might find yourself stranded and in need of some lighting. It’s also a good idea to store some spare batteries in your glove box too as it’s pretty useless if your deserted and you’re in need of some new batteries.


It’s a very good idea to store some important information in your glove box, for example, your owner’s manual. By keeping this in your glove box you’ll always be able to understand any warning lights that may appear and will explain what to do should you experience a mechanical failure on the road. Without a doubt, you should always keep your license and vehicle registration in your glove box then this way you’ll always have it with you when you’re on the road. A handy piece of information to also have on you at all time is contact numbers for both your insurance and breakdown company as you may need this in an emergency.


You may think it sounds daft but having a waterproof jacket stored in your car can prove to be very handy if you find yourself broken down and the weather is a little wet. If you find yourself needing to change a tyre in the rain, you’ll thank yourself when you go to reach for your jacket.


By having a set of spare jump leads in your car, this will allow you to get your car started if you have a dead battery. If you don’t have a dead battery, then you’ll prove to be a helpful hand should you choose to help somebody else out if their car battery dies. If you’ve never jump-started a car before, then not to worry as you can find out all you need to know in your vehicle handbook.


It’s a good idea to have a good-quality tyre gauge in your glove box as this will enable you to check your tyres and ensure that they are at the manufacturer’s recommended pressure. In doing this, you’re able to extend the life of your tyres as well as ensuring that your tyres are road worthy and safe while driving.


It’s a great idea to store a little container in your glove box full of various different fuses. It’s a good idea to keep two spare fuses in the container at all times, but just remember to ensure that they are compatible with your car. Backup fuses can prove to be a lifesaver and can be picked up virtually anywhere and replacing an old fuse takes just seconds.


If you use your phone a lot, then you’ll know how often the battery can need charging, which is why it’s a great idea to keep a spare charger in your car at all times. Your mobile phone is probably one of the most important items you will have on you in the event of an emergency and having a charger is just as important so that your phone doesn’t run out of juice.

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