What are Grand Tourer (GT) cars?

You might have heard of a Grand Tourer before but if someone asked you to explain what one is, could you? Find out here exactly what one is here.

You’ve probably heard of a Grand Tourer or the phase GT, but could you actually describe to someone what it is? Find out exactly what it means here.

Defining a GT

If you’re unsure what the abbreviation GT means, then let us break it down for you. First off, the “Grand” part is used to describe something that has a magnificent appearance, size, or style. We don’t know about you, but when someone says this, you automatically think of the manufactures like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Bentley, the big guys who all know what it means to have a GT.

Then you’ve got the “Tourer” bit, which is used to describe adventure and travelling from one place to another. When you put the two together, you’ve basically got a fancy car that can get you from A to B.

What you can expect

If car buying has taught you anything, research has to be up there. Researching what to expect from a Grand Tourer before you fork out the cash for one is such a good idea, why didn’t we think of that? Typically reserved for luxury cars that are made for long hauls, they’re quite nippy and their quick performance figures can back this up too.

If you see one in passing, you’d probably know about it with its distinctive styling and quick performance. When it comes to frisking out the inside, the comfy ride set up and sports car persona, really sell do sell it to you and make you want to join the club.

Although GT’s do get mistaken for sports cars, quite a lot of the time, there is a difference and if you know your cars, you’ll be all over this. Just because a GT is fast, it doesn’t mean that it should be known as being a sports car. GT cars also have softer suspension set-ups, unlike sports cars which don’t place much emphasis on comfort and practicality because they’re too busy racing trying to complete the circuit.

If you’re shopping for a GT, then the most common one that you’ll probably come across is the two-door coupe, with a traditional front-engine and rear-wheel drive. It’s as simple as that.

Our favourite GT cars

If you’re after a journey that’s as effortless as possible, with stunning upholstery then you’re going to love our list of favourites.

The first pretender to the throne has to be the b Continental GT. This bad boy was manufactured to the highest level of luxury back in the day so it’s no wonder that it comes with an excessive price tag. If you’ve got £150,000 going spare and you’re looking for a GT that can drive you to lush places at an effortless pace, then there’s nothing better than the Continental. It’s a force to be reckoned with and would do a great deal for you.

Up next is the Maserati GranTurismo, the GT that has the style and the Italian luxury interior to go along with it. It ticks all the boxes of a GT really, spacious, quick on its feet, and a supreme, reliable that could see you through the years to come and really take care of you.

Finally, this list would not be complete without mentioning the Aston Martin DB9! Some would consider this as the best GT in the world, with its elegant styling and fancy paintwork finish, it’s just got so much to offer design-wise, you’d have no trouble being comfortable when travelling long distances.

If you fancy selling your car and getting some cash so that you can treat yourself to a GT, then why not let us help you with that. You can find out how much your car is worth and get the best deal for your vehicle here. It only takes a few seconds, why not get the ball rolling now?



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