What are the Best Cars for the Most Leg Space?

If having leg room lots of leg room is important to you and you're thinking of purchasing a larger car, then why not check out our top ten best cars with the most leg space.

When you’re considering buying a new car, space is an important factor to take into consideration. Is there going to be enough legroom? Whether or not there is a sufficient amount of space for legroom is more important to some people than it is to others. Whether this is because you have long legs yourself or you’re taking into consideration any passengers that you may be carrying around on a regular basis who need that little extra room if you think that you need a car that can provide enough room when you’re travelling then you’ve come to the right place.

To help you with your search, here’s a list of cars that we believe have an adequate amount of legroom:

1. Skoda Superb

If it’s legroom that you’re after then you may have just found the one. The amount of legroom within the Superb is amazing and all for a very reasonable price. With plenty of space in both the front and the back, there’s lots of room for you to get comfortable and it’s a perfect choice of car practical reasons. The Superb is very sharp and is regarded by many as the best long-distance cruiser given its fuel economy and sleek and stylish look.

2. Volkswagen Touran

You can rest assured that when you’re travelling in the Volkswagen Touran that you’ll have plenty of space and warmth. With foldable third-row seats, the Touran is able to boost to a seven-seater if need be and offers a generous size boot too. The seats are supportive and the middle row seating can easily accommodate three passengers as space is a top priority.

3. Mercedes E-Class

With a high-class and luxury feel, it’s without a doubt one of the most spacious cars around. You can assure that you’ll be well catered for with the amount of space that is available in the front, as well as the impressive amount of space in the back. There’s so much room to stretch out in the E-Class, partly due to its longer wheelbase, this premium saloon and emotive designs are what sets itself apart.

4. Land Rover Discovery Sport

Offering a generous amount of interior space in an SUV body, the Discovery Sport is a rather comfortable 4×4 seating seven people and five at its most comfortable. With a good amount of legroom both in the front and back, there’s even a good amount of room for seat adjustment. If you’re looking for a striking and functional SUV, then the Discovery Sport is perfect for size with the amount of interior space that it has to offer.

5. Honda Jazz

Although it may look quite small from the outside, the Honda Jazz is quite capable of packing some legroom for those who require it. Spacious and roomy, the Jazz hides its interior space rather well, with a boot capacity of 354 litres, as well as some handy storage spaces, which includes on under the boot floor. If you’ve got long legs, you can rest easy in the Jazz and feel comfortable without having to worry about bashing your knees.

6. Suzuki Baleno

It may not be the most attractive car to look at and the interior may look a little tiresome, but the Suzuki Baleno is a great choice of a car if you’re after that extra legroom. Fitting at least four tall people comfortable inside, the family hatchback is quite practical and also offers a wide range of adjustments, meaning it’s easier for you to adjust your driving position.

7. Mercedes S-Class LWB

With the long wheelbase, the S-Class is rather long and definitely deserves a place on the list of cars with a sufficient amount of legroom. The wheelbase takes the saloon’s interior space and luxury feel to a new high as passengers can relax in the comfort of the back seats with tonnes of legroom. Of course, it’s not just all about the room, let’s not forget that the S-Class comes with all the gadgets making it very similar to a premium car.

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