When is the Best Time of Year to Buy a Car?

If you ask most people when the best time of year is to buy a new car their response will usually be December. With manufacturers offering plenty of end-of-year incentives in an attempt to bolster sales, what many people don't know is that there are extra incentives to bring down the price of most new cars in August. From model year-end deals to back-to-school shopping, there are several reasons why August is a great time to purchase a new car, especially this year.

With new emissions standards set to come into force on 1st September 2018, which could have a negative impact on what cars are on sale within the UK, some car manufacturers have slashed the prices of their cars.

Choosing the right time to buy a new car could help you get the best deal and buying a new vehicle in August is great if you're looking to bag a popular brand bargain. So, if you're willing to buy a popular new car with an outgoing number plate, you can bet you'll get a good deal in August. But, remember, if you buy a new car at the end of its registration period, it will appear older than it actually is and depreciate in value faster.

When the sun is out, which is not very often in the UK, the soft-tops are very popular, meaning that it is highly unlikely you'll be able to strike a bargain on a cabriolet in August time. However, if you've always fancied a 4x4 then you might be in luck, as August could be the perfect time to negotiate a bargain.

Conversely, wait for the snow during those cold winter days before grabbing yourself a deal on a drop-top.

August is the peak time for buying a family car. As children head back to school, for many parents this means carpool duty and as children grow older, it can make more sense to invest in a larger vehicle. On the other hand, some parents may choose to invest in a safe and more reliable vehicle for their teenage driver. Either way, buying a car in August is great as it is also a time when manufacturers, as well as dealerships, can be motivated by the model year-end change to move their existing inventory.

As most families are on holiday during August, it's likely that the dealerships will be a lot quieter, which means that you'll have more time to chat with the sales team and conduct some research into different cars. In doing this, it will help you to make a final decision as to which car you should choose.

When you want to buy your next car, remember, dealers are often open to negotiation when it comes to price and they can be more open to a bargain at particular times. Pop into your local dealers during the week as this is when dealerships tend to be quieter and will be able to give you more attention.

If you're thinking of selling your car, maybe it's guzzling through fuel or perhaps it costs a fortune when parts need replacing, you may want to think about selling your car and buying a cheaper one. If this is the case, why not check out our handy guide that will help you make the right decision.

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