Will Formula 1 Ever Go Fully Electric?

With the Formula E being the only all-electric series, is it just nonsense that Formula 1 could ever be electric? It's something that's been discussed but suspicion continues to grow as to whether or not Formula 1 will switch to all-electric engines.

The combustion of the gas-guzzler engine has defined Formula 1 for many years. However, recent suggestions appear to indicate that the Formula 1 will need to go full electric. Do you agree or is this just absolute nonsense?

If Formula E was to merge with Formula 1 then this could be a significant turning point for the motorsport industry. With a growing interest in Formula E, there is the possibility that if the Formula 1 wishes to stay relevant and continue to amaze fans with the spectacle it continuously provides, then it may need to consider an electric future, will it not.

As most of us are already probably aware, Formula 1 is currently working towards new engine regulations for 2021, which will be based on a V6-turbo hybrid. So, while Formula 1 is busy occupying their minds elsewhere, it’s highly unlikely that they have given a shift to all-electric Formula 1 cars the slightest bit of consideration.

But that’s not to say that Formula 1 is ruling this out entirely as who knows what could happen within the next ten years. With technology constantly advancing at a fast pace and electric cars having a big impact on the car industry, Formula 1 could evolve, perhaps one day in the future, to have electric cars that provide good quality racing as well as a high engagement its fans.

A different type of power unit for Formula 1 would be a massive change in direction and to some would perhaps not be the best idea. Some of us have formed the view that although Formula E is a great sport, the racing itself is nothing compared to that of the Formula 1. Formula 1 is different and is a sport that needs its combustion engines in order to achieve what it wants to achieve. The combustion engine has always been a part of the Formula 1, but could it soon be technology of the past? Or is going electric just not even an option as it couldn’t provide Formula 1 cars to complete over the current distance at comparable speeds like they do now?

As more and more manufacturers continue to invest in bringing electric cars to the market, then maybe one day the time will come when Formula 1 will also need to invest to, in order to keep up with society and the ever-evolving world of technology.

For now, it appears as though Formula 1 is sticking to its internal combustion engine as it sits back and allows Formula E to satisfy us all with its electric racing while Formula 1 continues to excite us with its dramatic cars and spectacular racing.

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