What do I need to scrap my car?

There comes a point that every car may reach when it’s not practical or safe to keep persisting with it. Furthermore, if it’s not roadworthy you could find yourself with a fine and points on your licence. If your vehicle is coming to the end of the road, read Jamjar’s scrapping guidance to see how you may be able to get more for your old banger than you anticipated. Below, we’ve linked to all of our different articles that can help you to get started.

Finding out your car’s value

Remember, often old cars that may not even run might still be worth something, so you should never pay to get it towed away, always consider the scrapping option before you make a decision.

The scrapyards or vehicle recycler centres might make a few hundred pounds from your scrap car by either repairing and reselling, for parts or materials.

If you’re thinking about scrapping your car, then the big question will be how much is it worth? You can see how much you could get for your car by visiting our scrap my car page and using our free car valuation tool. We compare quotes from a wide range of online car buyers across the UK to help you find the best deal.

Continue your research by reading our article, “At what mileage should I scrap my car?

Preparing to scrap your car

There are a few legal things to bear in mind as you prepare to scrap your car. Doing these right will make sure that everything happens in the right way, meaning that you won’t incur any additional charges once you’ve got rid of your old car.

1 – Scrapping with outstanding finance

If you still have outstanding finance on your vehicle, it means that you don’t actually have full ownership of it. Basically, that means that you can’t be the sole person to make a decision on whether or not to scrap it until the finance is paid off.

However, even if there’s still money to pay for the car you’re not out of options. We’ve written a full article on how to go about scrapping your car legally if there’s still finance to pay off that you should read if you need more information.

2 – Getting your documents together

There aren’t too many documents that you’ll need to have to hand if you want to scrap your car legally, but the one that you definitely can’t do without is the V5C – this proves your ownership of the car and contains a section that you’ll need to fill out to say that the car’s been scrapped.

To find out more about what to do if you don’t have the V5C and to see the answers to other common questions relating to the documents you might need, read our handy article on the subject.

3 – Do you need to SORN your car before scrapping it?

You don’t need to SORN your car before scrapping it. In fact, things can get a little trickier if it’s already SORNED. For more information on this topic, including some more specific cases, read our article, “Do I need to SORN my car before I scrap it?