When is the best time to scrap my car

Believe it or not, timing is everything when it comes to scrapping your car. Although you might not be considering scrapping your car just yet, eventually the time will come where your car has had enough and it’s time to get rid of it. So before you head to the scrapyard, you might want to check out some of our suggestions below to help you decide when is the best time to go.

When you can’t afford the upkeep

You buy a car and instantly you just fall in love with it. You give it your undivided attention, treat it like a member of your family and even give it a name! Getting a new car is an exciting time but it can be so distressing when it comes to scrapping it. Over time all cars decay and will eventually just wear down, and that is inevitable. But at what point do you say enough is enough, no more repairs. When you can’t afford to cover the cost? Some car owners may resort to scrapping their car because they just simply can’t cope with the cost of maintaining the car. Cars are expensive and keeping your car in working condition can be costly. So if you’re struggling to finance your own needs, perhaps it’s time to say goodbye to your car outside that you’ve been throwing money at for repairs for the last month or so.

When you feel like you could help the community

If you’re debating scrapping your car but you’re a little unsure, it might be worth thinking about your community and whether you scrapping your car could help to benefit them. Think about how much your car is worth to others, as well as yourself. For example, is your car vintage? If so, and there is a demand for car parts that could be produced if you were to scrap your car, then now might be time to bite the bullet. There are so many different car parts on your car as you probably already know. From your steering wheel to your alloys, there could be somebody out there that could be willing to pay a pretty penny for the bits and pieces on your car. So even though scrapping your car can feel like the end of an era, looking after it over the years could pay off when it comes to saying goodbye.

When the scrap metal market has increased

As you’re probably already away, the scrap metal market is very unpredictable. How much you get for your car will depend on the current market value of the metals it’s made of at that time. If you didn’t know already, the metal from your car can be sold to manufacturers for recycling to produce goods for various different things such as phones, laptops and household electrical items. So if the production of these goods is high, which only tends to be certain times of the year, then so it the overall value of scrap metal and potentially your scrap car. However, if the production is low then so is the value of scrap metal, you get the drift? Basically, the market is very varied due to the ever-changing global economy, so you may want to consider how you go about scrapping your car.

Consider all your options

Obviously, there is no guarantee that you’ll get exactly the price you want for your scrap car. However, knowing how the scrap industry works and that the price of scrap metal can vary depending on the time of the year, will help you when it comes to deciding how you want to scrap your car. There a various different options with the most common one probably being the scrap yard.

Although if it’s a good deal that you’re after and you want to make sure that you’re getting the best deal for your scrap vehicle, then why not come to a reputable car buying comparison site like us! We can put you in touch with scrap car buyers from all over the UK. So, don’t wait around, get a value for your scrap vehicle today to find out how much your car is worth.