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We only ask that you offer the smallest details so that we’re able to give you accurate quotes to compare. We need the reg number to find the right car, the mileage, and your postcode so that we can keep things local!

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Jamjar won’t ask for any personal information, we’ll give you the best car scrapping quotes so that you can compare them first and get in touch later! We won’t need your email, phone number or your name to give your the quotes.

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After we’ve gathered the quotes for you all you need to so is compare the scrap prices in the list. You can choose the best one and run with it. Get in touch through our scrap car comparison service and you’ll get the best possible price. 

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Once you’ve compared all of the scrap car quotes you’ll be able to contact the right buyer and set a date for them to purchase your old car. Whether it’s a collection or you take it to their facility, you can trust that you’re getting the best price possible.

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Scrapping your car online has never been easier. We do all of the leg work and liaise with a network of trusted buyers to make sure that you’re getting the best quote out there. Enter a few details and get started right away!

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Why Should I Scrap My Car?

Deciding whether to fix your car or scrap it can be a really difficult decision. This is especially the case if you’ve had your car for a long time and it has sentimental value. The reality is your car needs to be roadworthy in order for it to be driven legally in the UK. If your car is going to cost far more to repair than it’s worth, then it’s time to consider scrapping it.

Get issued a DVLA certificate of destruction when scrapping of your car

Scrap Your Car With Jamjar

When it comes to scrapping your car, we know you want the best price. Use our free valuation tool to compare scrap prices for your car. We don’t require any personal details to deliver your scrap valuation, which will be provided by our network of scrap and ATP dealers. We accept cars in a range of conditions, including cars which have failed their MOT, are unroadworthy or are flood-damaged.

No hidden information when scrapping your car

What Happens Next?

Once you’ve chosen a buyer, the next step is being issued with a Certificate of Destruction from the Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF). This informs the DVLA that your car no longer needs to be taxed, which is information that’s required by law.

You can then begin the process of scrapping your car, which will be arranged between yourself and your buyer.


“Offered more money than the other .com company, won’t mention the name, very professional service and collected a car that wouldn’t start only niggle was had to wait 2 weeks as a driver went sick but no great problem otherwise perfect would recommend and would deal with again.”

D Kennedy

Learn more about scrapping your car

Getting your car scrapped is often a last resort, but whether you’re scrapping your old car or you’ve had to get rid of a new car, we’re here to help. Our research team has put together a few resources so that we can bring to your; a guide to scrapping your car. Have a read today so you’re not caught out when you’re scrapping your car.

How to scrap my car

How to scrap my car

Scrapping a car isn’t always an easy process, that’s why we exist! We make it easy to scrap your car locally, but if you’d like a little more detail on how to go about scrapping a car take a look out our car scrapping guide. It’ll tell you how to scrap and old or new car in the easiest way possible. Whether you need help with the legal side, or you just don’t know where to go, we’re here to help.

Should I scrap my car?

Should I scrap my car?

Knowing whether or not you should be scrapping your car can be complicated. It’s something that only you can decide and so you might need a bit of help. That’s where we come in, we’ve put together an article to help you decide whether or not you should be scrapping your car so that you don’t get lost in the process.

Starting out when scrapping my car

Starting out with scrapping my car

So, after you’ve made the decision to scrap your car, the next thing to do is to start the process. Knowing how to do that is the tricky part but we’re still here to help you, don’t worry. Take a look at how to get started with scrapping your car online or in-person, we’ve got guides to help you through the process from start to finish.