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Sell Your Car In Bury St Edmunds

If you’re within the Bury St Edmunds or the surrounding area, we can help you to sell your vehicle in the quick of a flash. For years, we’ve been helping thousands of customers up and down the country to sell their vehicles, and now it’s our turn to help you. We’ll find you a buyer no matter what vehicle you’ve got, no matter what the condition, and it’s such a quick and easy friendly process too. Whether you’re wanting a collection, a quick response, or the best prices, we’ve got it all. You’ll be presented with all the information that you need right there in front of you with no hidden fees.

So if you fancy experiencing the whole Jamjar car selling experience and want somebody that you can trust to help you sell a car, simply enter your registration number into our online valuation tool. All we need is your registration number and we’ll help you get well on your way to selling your car. We won’t ask you a whole load of questions and the ins and outs about your car, we don’t need any of that. Let us help you get the cash that you deserve and what you’ve been waiting for.

How To Sell Your Car In Bury St Edmunds

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Tell us your registration number and we’ll get back to you with a whole list of valuations for absolutely free. You’ll be able to find out the best price in just a few simple steps.

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We can help you to get the price for your vehicle in an instant and we don’t even need any of your personal details. That’s right, you can keep your most personal and private information all to youself.

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Once you’ve provided us with your reg number, we’ll reach out to our huge network of trusted online car buyers from within the UK. Within just a few seconds, you’ll be able to see their incredible offers.

Once you have sold your car for scrap, the dealer will aim to call you within 3 working hours

Fast cash payment

The final step is just all about reviewing your offers and seeing which offer takes your fancy. When you’ve found the one for you, just let your chosen car buyer know and they’ll be in touch. You’ll have the cash in your hand in no time.

Sell by Manufacturer

Have a specific car make and model in mind that you wish to sell online? No problem. Select your manufacturer below and continue your car selling journey with Jamjar today.

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Car Selling Guidance

Are you looking to sell your car but just not quite sure how? That’s ok as we’re here to help you out and ensure that the process of selling your car is quick, safe, and pain-free. Whether you’re looking to get an easy deal or a value within seconds, we can help you and guide you through the whole car selling process right here. Check out our wide range of useful car selling guidance pages which are full of lots of tips and tricks to do with selling your car.


How to sell my car

How to sell my car

If you’ve never sold a car before then it can be tricky and not knowing how to do it can be even worse. Not to worry as we’ve got the best articles right here just for you. Get yourself clued up on how to sell your car with our basic tips.

Should I sell my car?

Should I sell my car?

Debating whether or not to sell your car? It’s usually a toss-up between selling privately, to an online buyer or a part exchange. Whichever you decide, just know that we’re here to help and our useful articles can help to shed some light too.

Starting out when selling your car

Starting out when selling your car

Jamjar is the new way to sell your car fast. It’s easy, and in just one simple search, you can compare prices from the best UK car buyers, all in one place. To help get you started, we’ve got lots of information right here for you to get the ball rolling.


“I needed a quick and easy way to sell my car. Jamjar provided an excellent service.”

Joe Dean