How to sell a cat C car

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How to sell a cat C car

If you’ve ever been involved in a car accident (fingers crossed you haven’t) then the amount of damage to your car will determine whether or not it is a write-off.

Car insurance assessors will use four different categories of car insurance write-off to determine the seriousness of the damage to a car.

By placing a car that’s had an accident into one of these categories, it helps people to know whether they can still buy and sell a type of written off car.

Up until recently the four categories where A, B, C, D and the level of damage would decrease by category starting from A. However, category C has now changed. But what has it changed to?

What is a cat S?

Formerly known as category C, category S is what it is currently referred to under the new salvage categories. The old salvage category C meant that a car was repairable but the repair costs exceed pre-accident value.

Under the new salvage category S, this means that a car is structurally damaged but is still repairable.

If your car is deemed to be a category S, you’ll be glad to know that this can be repaired by engineers who have the right skills, but sadly that won’t stop the car from retaining that for the foreseeable. Although this might make it less appealing to some buyers, it won’t to us!

Selling your category S car

There’s so much to consider when your car has been in an accident. Not to mention how distressing it can be too with having to deal with the wreck of your car.

One of your options might be that you just want to sell your car and get back on the road as quickly as possible. But maybe you’re stressing and worrying about “who will buy my car?”. And that’s where we come in.

Here at Jamjar, we can help you find the best price for your damaged or written off the car without any hassle. We buy any car in any condition, no matter how much damage there is. We’re all about offering you a quick, simple and easy solution that gets you the cash that you need.

How to sell your damaged car with Jamjar

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