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Why you should sell your MG with Jamjar

Your experience of selling your MG to Jamjar is the opposite of selling it privately. Selling with Jamjar is quick, easy and super simple. We’re flexible and like to work around you to provide the best possible service that we can to get you the best deal for your vehicle. It doesn’t matter what condition your car is in or how many miles it’s done, we’ll help you to sell your car.


Simply give us your MG registration number and we’ll be able to provide you with a whole list of offers. It’s a pain-free process and you don’t even have to deal with any of the paperwork. So if you’re worried about the car selling process is full of many twists and turns, there’s no need to fear, there are no potential potholes here.

How do I sell my MG?

If you’re worried about the car selling process is a daunting process and hazardous journey, it doesn’t have to be with our online valuation tool.

Get started with your reg

We can get you the best offers for your car within seconds and all that we need is your registration number. Just simply enter your registration number and complete our online valuation tool, to get the offers that you deserve.

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You’ll receive a huge list of accurate offers from the UK’s most trusted car buyers from around the UK. This will be a great chance to compare prices as well as locations and dealers. Gather all you need to be able to make the best decision for you.

Choose your buyer

Once you’ve narrowed down your offers and decided on the one for you, just let your chosen car buyer know. From here, you’re chosen car buyer will then be in touch with you to arrange either the collection or delivery of your vehicle.

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