How to tax my car

You can pay for your vehicle tax however you like. Yearly or monthly, whichever suits you best. Find out more on how to tax you car here.

Before you drive your new car away from the dealers or wherever you’ve bought it from, you need to make sure that you’ve taxed it first.

Here’s how to get it sorted and make sure that your car is taxed.

1. Get your documents at the ready

If you’ve just bought a car and you don’t have a logbook yet, then provided that you’ve got your V5C to hand, you’ll be able to tax your car.

However, if your car tax is up for renewal, then you should get a V11 reminder letter.

Alternatively, if you don’t receive this reminder for whatever reason, then you can use the number on your V5C.

2. Paying for your car tax

Paying for your car tax is similar to paying your car insurance. You can either pay in one lump sum or by monthly instalments, whichever is easier for you.

You have the option of setting up a direct debit and paying for it that way, but just bear in mind that this might cost you a little bit more than if you were just to pay it off in one go for the year.

When you’re ready, just head over to the .GOV website (found below), and under the driving and transport section, you’ll have all the information that you need, which will guide you through taxing your car.

Tax your car today:

3. Alternative ways to tax your car

Renewing your tax online might not always be an option for you, but not to worry, as there are a number of other options.

One option is always picking up the phone and calling the DVLA and asking them to tax your car for you. Just make sure that you’ve got your V5C to hand.

Another option is the Post Office. Although only selected Post Office’s will allow you to tax your car, it’s worth knowing which ones just in case you ever needed to do this one day. All you’ll need to be able to tax your car at the Post Office is your V5C and a valid MOT certificate.

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