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Steps to sell your car online

Enter your vehicle registration number

Enter your car’s registration number

Enter your car’s registration number and details such as mileage, service history and MOT status to give us everything we need for an accurate valuation on the car you’re looking to sell.

Choose your car buyer

Compare offers & choose the one you like best

Within seconds, you’ll see a list of offers from car valuation experts around the country. Compare different valuations with and without collection options, admin fees and different payment terms to find the one that gives you the best deal.

Finalise the deal

Finalise the deal

The chosen buyer will aim to call you within 3 working hours of your decision. They’ll simply need to confirm documents like your V5 and any other agreed paperwork. After this, your car can be viewed and paid for as arranged.

Why sell my car through Jamjar?

We might be a little biased, but we think there are a number of things that set Jamjar’s comparison service apart. Take a look and make up your own mind.

Jamjar.com, the original car buying comparison site

We’re the original car buying comparison service

Established in 1997, Jamjar is the original car buying comparison site and has been helping customers get great deals on their vehicles online for over two decades. We were the first company in the car market to offer a “sell my car” service in the UK, which means we’ve had the longest time to perfect what we do. Over 1 million people have sold their cars through us and agree that we do a pretty good job.

From day one, we’ve worked to ensure that our service gets you the best possible price when it comes to selling your car online. We’ll take your reg number and then compare the whole market, showing you each car buyer’s offer (including all fees, so there’s no nasty surprises). If you like one of the prices you get for your car, you can progress your enquiry quickly and easily, no hassle!

Jamjar.com, the original car buying comparison site

Free car selling valuations with no personal information needed

You can use our service to enter your reg number and get a free, instant valuation for selling your car. We make sure that you don’t have to enter any of your personal information too. You can get a no-obligation quote without having to enter your name, email or phone number — you won’t be hounded by sales calls. It’s just you, selling your car for the best price as fast as possible. That’s it!

When you get a free valuation, you’ll be shown offers from a number of car buyers, meaning you can rest assured that you’re selling your car for the best price. You only enter your personal details if you want to proceed with selling your car.

Get the best online car valuations

You’ll always get the best car valuations

Car valuation isn’t a one-size-fits-all service. By comparing offers from expert car buyers across the UK, you’ll be able to have complete confidence that you’re getting the right price when you look to sell your car. You never have to settle for a second-rate deal.

The best part; you can pick and choose the right quotes for you. We’ll give you a list of buyers and what they can pay for your car so that you don’t have to search for days looking for the best price to sell your car. So if you need someone to buy your car today, enter your reg number!

Sell your car from anywhere in the UK

Sell your car from anywhere in mainland United Kingdom

With hundreds of car buying companies associated with us, all offering a wide variety of collection and delivery arrangements, you’re sure to find something that suits you. Selling your vehicle with Jamjar lets you be flexible and choose a sale that fits around your schedule.

We won’t make you bring your car into a dealership before you sell it, all you need to do is type your registration plate in and hit enter. We’ll do all the work and track down quotes from the best car buyers in the UK.

Here at Jamjar, we know that people all over the UK need to be able to sell their car quickly and safely. That’s why we’ve made sure that we cover as much of mainland UK as possible. We’ll sell your car in London, Nottingham, Essex and much more!

Control how you get paid when you sell your car

Control how you get paid

As a Jamjar customer, you choose the buyer who pays your way. If you’re looking for an instant bank transfer or some other payment method to sell your car, simply choose a buyer who accommodates this. You’ll always get the money you’ve been promised.

We pride ourselves on helping connect you with ethical car buyers who will offer you a fair price for your car, both online and in-person if you choose to sell your car to them. We’ll get you the right cash for your car if you sell through Jamjar. If you decide to sell your car to a dealer, you can trust that you’ll get the full amount owed to you.

sell your damaged car too

Sell your damaged car too

If you need to sell your car, even if it’s damaged, we can help you! Often our buyers take your broken cars and fix them up. Or if your car very damaged and you need to get rid of it, we also offer our comparison service for scrapping your car too.

It all works in the same way, all you have to do is enter your reg on our scrap my car page to get started.

Excellent service, whatever the deal

Excellent service from start to finish

The team at Jamjar is dedicated to ensuring that you get excellent customer service no matter what deal you go for. We expect our buyers to meet the same high standards of service as we offer from our internal team if you ever have questions or need any help.

When it comes to selling your car quickly, there is no better alternative online, get a free valuation today.

Let’s help you sell your car in the UK!


It takes seconds to receive a list of quotes for you to compare, all you have to do is choose your favourite one and you could sell your car for cash. It’s also free for you to use… What are you waiting for?



Sell by Manufacturer

Have a specific car make and model in mind that you wish to sell online? No problem. Select your manufacturer below and continue your car selling journey with Jamjar today.

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“I needed a quick and easy way to sell my car. Jamjar provided an excellent service.”

Joe Dean

Car Selling Guidance

Not sure whether to sell your car just yet? Or maybe you’re not sure exactly what selling your car involves? No problem, read Jamjar’s guides on how to sell your car to get you started. Our car selling guidance explains several frequently asked questions around selling your car ensuring you stay informed every step of the way.

Our aim is to educate you on how you can maximise the value of your car so that when it comes to selling your car online, you can get the best possible price for it.

How to sell my car

How to sell my car

If you’re looking for guidance on how to sell your car, you’ve come to the right place. Jamjar’s car selling guidance section is full of helpful resources giving you info on the different stages of the car selling process. This ‘how to’ page contains some of the basics & have a browse if you have other questions.

Should I sell my car?

Should I sell my car?

Should you sell your car? Maybe – the only person that can decide is you. However, there are all sorts of situations you could find yourself in where selling your car is the best option available. Read Jamjar’s helpful article to see the different factors you should be weighing up to make the best decision.

Starting out when selling your car

Starting out when selling your car

Selling your car can seem like a tricky process, but it really doesn’t have to cause a headache. Jamjar exists to make selling your car easy. Here you’ll find a wide range of articles on all the different things you might be thinking about before selling. Read more on our website & browse to find everything you need.

How much can I sell my car for?
Determining how much you can sell your car for is what we do! We make it quick and easy by doing all of the hard work for you and instantly present you with a few options. To tell you how much you could sell your car for, we need to know a few things like the reg number, condition and other minor detail about the car and the car alone. We make sure not to take your personal detail and instead give you a list of free car selling quotes to compare. Only when you’re ready to sell your car do we ask for your contact detail to arrange the transaction.
Other ways to sell you car

Private sales

Private sale is one of the most well-known ways to sell or buy a car. The trouble is that this creates a whole host of hassle when trying to get the best price for your car. You yourself have to manage an advert of a selling platform and often you have to pay for that privilege too. It can take a while for someone to show interest in your car and even then it’s not a guaranteed sale by any means.  This is a very time-consuming method and everyone haggles which means; the chances are that you’ll have to settle for less than you wanted to sell your car for.

Part-exchange with a dealership

This is a very common way to get rid of your old car and just replace it with a new one. The dealer will often offer to purchase your old car and take its value from the price of your new car or even use it as a deposit. This does make it a little easier for you in the moment and allows you to drive off in your new car right away. However, you still have to haggle and more often than not, the dealer will offer you a very low price for your old car instead.

Why would I sell a car with Jamjar?
That’s a great question that we’re happy to help you with. In short; Jamjar makes it quick, free and easy to sell your car quickly to a trusted network of buyers for a fair price. We’ve worked hard for years to build a network of car buyers who are ready and waiting to take your old car off your hands. They’re fair and happy to work around you, so whether you’d like to sell your car today or arrange to sell your car very soon, we’re here to help you. There’s no cost for selling your car with us either. Others may include hidden fees or transaction costs but we make it completely free for you to sell any car with our help.

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