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Jamjar is the original car buying service comparison site and we have been around since 1997.

We will gain you the best car valuations available from the UK’s best online car buying services.

We can offer comparison valuations for every type of car, in any condition, with any mileage whether you want to sell your car online, scrap your car for cash or sell your van.

Valuations do not require any personal information from you.

We are just as committed to offering you the best price for your smashed up Metro as we are the shiniest Rolls Royce.

The UK’s keenest experts are ready to offer you the most for your car in every market sector, all fighting to give you the best price and the most convenient service.

Simply enter your registration number, add mileage, service history and MOT status as well as collection postcode so we can offer you the correct collected comparison offers.

Then sit back and watch the best offers roll in from the best-used car online car buying websites in the UK.

Each value offered will include details of any administration fees, free collection or drop off options as well as payment terms whether instant transfer or not.

Select the best offer for you, enter your final details and the chosen online car buying service will do the rest.

Easy, time-saving and the best offer available.

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  • We will send you confirmation of the best offers via a SMS text message (if mobile number has been given by you) as well as via email.
  • Next, the chosen online car buying service will contact you directly, normally by phone, within 3 working hours to arrange a convenient time and date, confirm payment details with you and make sure you have required V5 and any service history and MOT paperwork described by you within the price offered.
  • They will then view and pay for your car as arranged.
  • Simple.