What does a Cat C mean?

Not familiar with a Cat C? We'll cover all that you need to know about Category C vehicles and what they're all about right here.

What is a Cat C?

You've probably heard this term being thrown about here and there, but maybe you're not quite sure what it means.

It's basically used to refer to those types of cars that fall within an insurance write-off, upon where a vehicle has a specific type of damage. For example, a flood or a fire are vehicles that are often classified as a Cat C.

To put it simply, it refers to those cars that are repairable yet the cost of the parts, labour and potentially even a hire car, would exceed the value of the vehicle itself. It's in cases like these, that insurance companies will often deem that the damage to your vehicle is beyond repair and is, therefore, a Category C write-off.

What happens to Cat C cars?

When you come across a car that is considered to be a Cat C insurance write-off, we're sure that you'll know about it and be able to recognise that's what it is.

Essentially, these types of write-offs are often sold at auctions to traders and repair garages that can fix up these damaged vehicles. Insurance companies can sell these Cat C vehicles through these businesses and also recoup some cash from these sales too.

What are the risks with a Cat C car?

Although damaged cars can look like a right bargain, just be a little bit cautious and make sure that the vehicle that you're interested in has been repaired properly and is safe to drive.

If you don't ensure that the vehicle that you after has been repaired properly then it could be really expensive to fix and even worse, you could be putting your safety at risk.

Generally though, if a vehicle has been written off and declared as a Cat C, this has usually been declared within the details on the car history. However, it's still worth being extra careful and just making sure that the extent of the damage to a Cat C vehicle has been disclosed and even that the vehicle has been written off in the first place.

So now that you're familiar with what a Cat C is, maybe you fancy going to buy one to save some pennies, we can help you.

Whatever your circumstances, we can help you to find out how much your car is worth. You can get a value for your car within seconds and all it takes is for you to share your registration number with us. You could even choose to scrap your cat C car too if you can’t sell it.

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