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About Jamjar.com

Jamjar is the UK’s original car buying service comparison site. With full details on offers from hundreds of online car buyers – including collection information – our service is comprehensive and transparent. You won’t need to look anywhere else.

We’ve been helping people find the right deal for their vehicles since 1997. In that time we’ve served over 1 million happy customers.

Jamjar works with the best online car buyers in the UK to ensure that anyone using our site will see up to date offers from industry experts. If a buyer isn’t working with Jamjar then they’re not worth dealing with!

Transparency is at the heart of our core values.

This means that we show you the full details for every single quote and we don’t need to take any of your personal information if you don’t want to give them to us.

There are no hidden fees or conditions. We put you in touch with your chosen buyer to arrange the sale date, which also gives you the chance to ask them any questions about the deal.

Our car buying comparison service isn’t limited to selling your car. We can also provide you with quotes for your van or for car scrapping. Whatever the best deal is for your vehicle, we’ll help you find it.

The original car buying comparison service

Hundreds of UK car buyers

See offers from the hundreds of expert car buying businesses that work with Jamjar.

Fully transparent, always

Get all the details you need right here to make the best decision for your vehicle.

Cars, vans and scrap

We’ll help you find the right deal for your vehicle, whether it’s a car, a van or destined for the scrapyard.

sell my car

Sell my car

Get a quote today from the expert car buyers that work with Jamjar. It couldn’t be easier to sell your old motor.

scrap my car

Scrap my car

Want to cash in on a vehicle that’s at the end of its life? Get quotes from businesses who will pay you to scrap your car today.

sell my van

Sell my van

Getting money for your old van couldn’t be easier. Simply enter your reg number to get quotes from expert dealers now.

Why use a car buying comparison service?

There are many different ways that you could go about selling your old vehicle, but we at Jamjar believe that a car buying comparison service is the best option.

An online service like Jamjar’s is the only way to compare like for like offers for your vehicle all in one place. If that’s not enough to convince you, we’ve also made it possible for you to confirm the deal and initiate contact with the buyer online, making the whole process as smooth as possible.

Nothing else gives you the same level of control and convenience in one place. Selling privately takes a long time and good knowledge of the industry, while trading into a dealer can limit the options you have for your next car. The choice is clear.

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User Experience Project

Improving Jamjar.com’s UX flow

Grapevine Europe Ltd is carrying out a project to improve productivity by creating a new UX flow for our user’s entry and onward journey through our comparison service and we are seeking quotes from any suitable and interested suppliers.

European Regional Development Fund funding is being sought to support this project.

The full specification can be found here: jamjar.com/user-experience-project/

The selection of the supplier will be based on an assessment of the following criteria:

  • Price
  • How you meet the specification
  • Proven track record and experience
  • Ongoing support
  • We invite applications from suppliers able to meet the scope of these requirements.

You should email your quote to or obtained by emailing Andrew King at andy@jamjar.com by 5 pm on
the 9th February 2021.

All suppliers who provide quotes will be informed in writing if successful or not.