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We will gain you the best car valuations available from the UK’s best online car buying services.

Valuations from Jamjar require none of your personal information.

We can offer comparison valuations for every type of car, in any condition, with any mileage.

The UKs keenest experts are ready to offer you the most for your car in every market sector, all fighting to give you the best price and the most convenient service.

A message about us and how we do things differently.

Dear all Jamjar customers and partners,

I am very happy to promote the fact that the Jamjar group has been helping customers find the right deal for their vehicles since 1997 and has now served over 1 million customers.

We’re in business to help you realise the best price for your car with the minimum fuss and we do everything we can to help you achieve that in the easiest, most convenient, cost-effective and secure manner possible.

It all began in 1997 as a way to give every car owner the chance to sell their vehicle, securely and hassle-free.

Our experience in the car buying industry means we know better than most, how hard and expensive it can be for customers to work out the best way to get the right money for your vehicle.

That’s why we set Jamjar.com up in 2015 as a fully-transparent online Car Buying Comparison service comparing the best Online Car Buying purchase offers from around the UK displaying to users all the information some companies may prefer to hide where possible, including administration fees, collection fees and bank transfer times and costs.

Some companies were even delaying payment to customers purely for cash-flow purposes, in the hope they had sold the vehicle before even sending the owner his or her payment.

We were tired of seeing how hard it was for people to find the right deal, the backhanded double standards of payments and the owner being swayed by massive TV budgets rather than gaining the best value for their vehicles possible. We wanted to show the public the best actual deals and services available to them in black and white because we knew they were out there, we know there are massively better solutions, we just had to give users the means of finding them.

So we adapted and created the solution: our fully transparent online car buying service comparison site.

In 2019 we went another step further in creating the most secure solution to 2 of your most important assets, you and your vehicle.

If you simply want a valuation for your vehicle, free from the thought of unwanted businesses taking and using your most personal information, we now have the answer.

We don’t need it and we won’t ask for it until you want to offer it to us. Until you want to take the process further until you actually want to sell your vehicle.

Gaining your best valuations from all of our partners throughout our UK network has never been any easier or secure than it is now, you will not need to give us your address, your postcode, your telephone number, your email address or even your name.

This has even reduced the time it takes to receive the best offers possible to around 25 seconds if you’re quick on a keyboard.

Jamjar.com gives you the best-used car online service options and price possible. And as we keep it simple for you, you just need to enter your registration number and watch the best offers roll in from the best online car buying services throughout the UK. You can choose between offers including collection or delivered by you in person, offers with admin fees or without, instant bank transfers or not, the time they take, you are in complete control who buys your car for the best possible price and service to you.

If the offers you initially get aren’t quite enough for you, why not try entering additional vehicle information including images, additional specification and price required through our Marketplace it may just help you achieve the offer you’re hoping for as it may give our network of UK buyers everything they need to get excited as it sends a message to them that you’re definitely ready to sell now.

We are on hand to answer any queries and we truly welcome any suggestions you may have to improve our service.

We will value your sale and make sure the relevant company deal with you, with a service to match our own.

Kind regards,

Andrew King,

Managing Director

Our company ethics

We require none of your personal information

Jamjar can give you the best set of valuation offers without you, having to enter any of your personal or private information.

We give you the most secure valuation experience available anywhere.

We attach as much importance to keeping your private information, just that, private, as we do in gaining you the choice of the UK’s best offers for your vehicle within our online car buying comparison service.

If you want to gain up-to-date online car valuations without being pressured to sell, we are the only site that can promise you both.

Transparency is our core value

We’ve created an association of partnerships with the UK’s best online buyers who specifically want to purchase your vehicle.

But like you, they only want to make contact with you at the time you specifically wish to sell your vehicle.

Helping you get the most for your vehicle and helping our partners gain their favourite stock, is why we are here.

To achieve this, we offer all of our website visitors the ability to gain the best valuations at any time but without having to give away your most valuable personal information and without alerting our partners to get in touch with you at a time you’re not actually ready to sell.

You can use our site at any time and we take away the worry you may have about being pestered at a time that's not right for you.

When you do decide to give us your valuable personal information and you are at the stage you do now need to sell your vehicle, we and our partners will then and only then concentrate on completing the purchasing process and gaining you the best possible price and collection service for you.

Massively benefits our partners too

Spending time purely on vehicles whose owners are ready to sell, means our partners will not be using up valuable time and cost, they can maximise their efforts on the vehicles that are ready to be sold.

Other websites that buy cars from you enter your vehicle directly into a car auction and vehicle buying professionals buy these cars eventually through the Auction house.

WeBuyAnyCar for instance is wholly owned by British Car Auctions (BCA) and every vehicle they purchase heads directly to BCA for sale to mainly vehicle buying professionals.

The benefit to the vehicle buyer is that the vehicle is in front of them, available there and then for purchase and as such the Vehicle buyer may pay more to own it.

The loss suffered to the original selling private owner is the profit WeBuyAnyCar take and the double whammy is, British Car Auctions also charge the eventual vehicle buyer a large buying commission fee of normally between 1 and 3%.

This means the seller has received less for the vehicle than they would have, if only they’d found us first and then the eventual buyer has had to pay an additional large commission fee meaning the only winners are BCA, WeBuyAnyCar.com, Phillip Schofield and their TV Advertising agencies.

We get you directly to the buyers who actually want to buy your vehicle at the time you want to sell

What jamjar.com do is get you a higher price because you are selling directly to the people who want your vehicle for his or their own use or for their own stock, without touching auction houses and additional commission fees.

Our partners benefit massively because our system is designed to give them your personal and vehicle information only at the time you actually want to sell. This saves them time and money as they don’t have to pay large auction house commission fees, they can control all the paperwork and additional details and the fees they pay to us are tiny in comparison.

If they want to buy and you want to sell, it’s our job to put you together at the time you want this to happen.

We hope you get the best value, at the time you want to sell to a professional and very pleased vehicle buyer, we do everything possible to make this happen, so please, if you have any comment or ideas for improvement please do contact us.

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Found the company very easy to work with and no messier about and found it easy to use

M. Kevin Phee • Hamilton

Andy was a pleasure to deal with, literally purchased my RR Sport and collect in 24 hours and paid instantly, don't be fooled with other big companies, the deal with Jamjar is the deal !!!!!

D. glen • Bridgwater

Great service and a very pleasant gentleman Andy who was very helpful. He made the whole transaction of purchasing my car very easy and stress free. Thank you Andy...it was lovely to meet you!! 😊

M. Nasreen Syed • Plumstead

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