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How to sell your van

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Expert Van Selling Guidance from Jamjar

It’s hard enough to know whether you should sell your van or not, let alone if you’ll actually manage to get rid of it! There are so many vans being sold – all in varying conditions – that it can be tough to know exactly where to start when you do decide to sell your van.

Jamjar’s van selling guidance section aims to cover all aspects of the process, so if you’re looking to sell your van, you’ve come to the right place. This section covers the broader aspects of how to sell your van to get you moving.

Getting started

Should I sell my van?

It’s a personal decision, but there are definitely good times and bad times to part ways with your trusty van. There are many things that effect if you should sell your van or not, from its condition, age, your needs, and more. Read on to learn about when it’s best to move on and sell your van.

Starting out with selling my van

You’ve decided you want to sell your van, now where do you start? It can seem like a daunting prospect at first, but with Jamjar it couldn’t be simpler. Follow our guides on how to sell your van and get the most from your sale.

Exploring your options

Where to sell your van

Where is the best place to sell your van? Deciding to sell is one thing, but knowing where you’ll get the best deal is another. Jamjar’s guide on where to sell your van will help sell your van quicker and for more.

Should I sell my van privately or to a dealer?

One of the toughest decisions you’ll have to make is whether you should sell your van privately or to a business. Jamjar breaks down the different factors to selling, including money, time and effort required for private and online buyer sales.

Getting ready for sale

How to prepare my van for sales

If you want the best chance at selling your van, you’ll need to cover all the bases covered in this guide. There are a number of steps you can take to prepare your van for sales to give you an advantage against the competition and seek out a better price.

What documents do I need to sell my van?

Whether you sell your van privately or through a dealer, you’ll need to keep important documents to hand. Not having particular documents can
have a massive impact on your ability to sell your van.
Jamjar breaks down how van documentation affects selling your van.

How does the condition of my van affect selling it?

Want to sell a van that’s seen better days? The condition your van is in can have a big impact on how easy it’ll be to shift. Jamjar discusses how mileage, age and faults affect trying to sell your van.

What are the legal factors of selling your van?

Don’t get scared about the legal responsibilities you have as a seller. We run through the legal side of selling your van and how to handle it properly to avoid any legislative action further down the line.

More information

Valuing my van

It’s crucial to have a good idea of your vehicle’s value. If looking to sell privately, check out used van sites, local garages or ad listings to find vans that are similar to your own. Make sure to check the mileage, age and model of the vans to ensure you get the closest match to your own, which will give you the best indication of your van’s value. Of course, prices are always changing, so only use this as a guiding figure.

Selling to an online used car buyer is a much easier affair. Enter your registration number into a trusted comparison site, such as Jamjar, along with basic information about the vehicle itself, and you’ll receive up-to-date and competitive valuations for your van – all from trusted businesses that are genuinely interested in buying your van.

Should I sell privately or to a commercial buyer?

There are pros and cons to both options, and it often comes down to time and money. Selling your van privately will net you more money, but comes attached with all the legal steps you have to take to ensure a successful sale, along with any risks of fraud or foul play on the buyer’s part.

Selling to a used car buying business, on the other hand, is often a simpler, quicker process – they’ll handle all legal aspects, leaving you to enjoy the cash you’ve earned. Keep in mind that they’re looking to re-sell your van, so expect to earn less money for the sale.

Read more about selling privately or to a commercial buyer.

Can I sell my van while it’s on finance?

A vehicle that you owe money on cannot be sold. The outstanding debt owed on the van must be resolved with the company your contract is with before you can legally sell it to another person. We recommend contacting the finance company and asking for the settlement figure, which will help you decide what to do if you’re still serious about selling the vehicle.

Read more about the legal considerations involved in selling a van.

What documents do I need?

To make the sale easier, we recommend gathering a number of important documents together. You’ll want to have a V5C log book to prove the van is as advertised, the MOT certificate and any receipts or service history documents for work that’s been done to the vehicle. This will show that you’ve taken care of your van and have kept it in top condition during ownership – buyer impressions are everything, make it count!

Once you’ve sold your van, you’ll need to inform the DVLA of the new owner by keeping and completing section 6 of the V5C form and sending it off. This covers both you and the new buyer from any issues with the van further down the line – it’ll save them an awkward conversation with the police about why they’re driving a van they don’t legally own!

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