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Get a free instant online valuation for your van with Jamjar’s online valuation tool. It‘s simple, easy and convenient and your guaranteed the best price possible.

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We can put you in touch with our hundreds of expert trusted dealers who are all looking to buy your van. You have the power to choose whichever offer suits you best. You can do all of this without having to enter one single piece of your personal information!

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Our free online car valuation tool is so simple and easy to use. Just browse your offers, select the one for you and give us your signature. Your chosen car buyer will then be in touch with you shortly. So just sit back, relax and wait for your call.

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We only work with the best car buyers in the country. So once you’ve accepted their offer, they will be picking up the phone to ring you within a couple of hours to arrange delivery or collection arrangements.

How our van valuation service works

If you’re looking to sell your van but you’re not sure where you can get it valued for free, then look no further. Jamjar is here and we have hundreds of van buying experts who are waiting to buy a van like yours. Whether you’re looking to just get a value for your van or if you’ve made your mind up and you’re definitely selling it, we can help you and make sure that you’re getting the best deal for your vehicle.

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Valuing My Van

If you are wondering, “how much is my van worth?”, you’re in the right place. Getting a value for your van has never been easier thanks to Jamjar. We work with hundreds of expert van dealers to get you the best deal possible. And what’s more is that we have made the van selling process simpler and much more efficient. All you need is your registration number and off you go. Don’t worry about the condition of your van, we’ll get you a price in no time at all.

Get issued a DVLA certificate of destruction when scrapping of your car

Van Valuation Guide

Our van valuation tool is quick and easy to use when you’re looking to get an instant value for your van. With our online tool, we can provide you with a FREE, accurate quote within seconds. You’ll then be presented with all the information that you need to help you make the best decision for you. We’ll make sure that your totally happy with your offer and help guide you through the van selling process.

No hidden information when scrapping your car

What’s Included In A Van Valuation Report?

If you’ve never used our online valuation tool before then not to worry, it’s so simple and you’ll be guided through everything from the start. Selling your van just got a whole lot easier and we’re here to tell you how. We’ll do everything for you. We’ll get in touch with the buyers and see if they want to purchase your van. We’ll then display all the relevant information to you from those buyers who want to buy your van. You’ll be able to see everything as well as their price. You’ll even be able to see any fees that might apply as we don’t like to hide anything here.


“My car was not in the best condition, this made it very hard to sell, but Jamjar offered me a great price to scrap it which I was happy with.”

Miss May Yan San

Learn more about van valuations

Whether you’re looking to sell your van, scrap your van or just simply get a valuation for it, we’re here to help and can do all of these for you. If you want to find out some more information before you get started and if you’ve got some unanswered questions, then check out our car valuation guidance below.

Should I sell my car?

How to value my car

Regardless of what you intend to do with your car, whether you choose to keep it or sell it on, it’s always a good idea to get a rough price of how much it’s worth. So if you just want a quote, maybe your intrigued to find out your van’s value, check out our handy guide, which can help you through the process. You never know, you might find out some great things.

How to sell my car

What information do I need to value my car?

When it comes to getting a valuation for your van, of course, you want to get an accurate one but you might be unsure on what sort of information you’ll need. That’s where we come in. Find out all the information that you’ll need to have to hand right here. Once you’ve read this, you’ll be ready and raring to go!

Starting out when selling your car

Will repairing my car increase its value?

If you’ve decided that you’re getting rid of your van, but you’re worried that it might not be worth as much as you’d like, it may be an idea to invest in some repair work. In doing this, you’re making sure that it’s as good as it can be before you put it for sale. However, if your repairs will cost you more than you’d make, it may not be worth it. Find out more here.