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Sell My Van

Whether you’re looking to sell your van to upgrade to a new vehicle or you’re just trying to shift an old motor that’s proving hard to sell, Jamjar can help. Simply go through our convenient 3 step process to sell your van to a dealer.


3 easy steps to sell your van

Selling your van should be easy. With our simple process, it is. You don’t even have to leave the house.

  1. Enter your van’s reg number
    With your van’s reg number and a few other details such as mileage and service history, we’ll have everything we need to give you a list of quotes from top dealers.
  2. Choose the best deal for you
    When you’ve told us the details, you’ll see a list of quotes within seconds. Dealers will offer their best prices and we’ll display any additional fees and your choices for payment and delivery/collection. It’s up to you which one of these quotes you choose to act on (if any).
  3. Finalise everything with the dealer
    Within 3 working hours of you choosing a dealer, they will get in touch with you to finalise the deal. This will involve checking that you have documents like a V5 and anything else agreed in the terms of the deal, like MOT certificates. You’ll also be able to arrange delivery or collection for a time that suits you.


Choose the deal that works for you

Some sales can have a lot of moving parts, but Jamjar simplifies everything so that you can be confident in whatever deal you agree.

Any fees, including admin fees and bank fees, are specified in your list of quotes, as are arrangements such as collection and delivery. We want to give you all the information in one place so that you can make the best possible decision for your van.

With quotes from experienced dealers around the country, we’re confident that you’ll find an offer for your van that works for you.


Why sell your van with Jamjar?

We may be a bit biased, but we think there are a few good reasons to choose JamJar when you sell your van.

Find offers for any van

Whether your van is a year old and in perfect condition or twenty years old and barely roadworthy, you’ll be able to choose from a range of offers here and now. Jamjar makes it easy for you to sell your van quickly, even if you’ve had no luck shifting it anywhere else. Enter your reg number and find out what you could get for it.

We were the UK’s first online car and van buying service

We’ve been helping customers sell their cars and vans since 1997, which makes us the first company to offer this service online to the UK public. That means we’ve got more experience doing this than anyone else in the industry and over two decades of customers who agree that we’ve been doing a good job.

You won’t be surprised by hidden information

Two key parts of our service are quotes that give you all the information up front and the conversation that you have with the dealer within hours of choosing the offer. These mean that you’ll know exactly what to expect from your deal and you’re not going to get any nasty surprises later on.