How to prepare your van for sales

To make the most from selling your van, you’re going to want to do everything you can to maximise value and impress potential buyers. There are a number of simple and quick things you can do to improve your chances of selling your van and getting more money for it in the process.

To get you started, it’s worth checking the value of your van using our handy free van valuation tool on our “Sell my Van” page. Knowing the rough value of your vehicle will give you a good benchmark when making these changes and will help you in the overall sales process.

Clean your van

You know the feeling of sitting in a dirty van, don’t expose potential buyers to it. A thorough internal and external cleaning will remove any potential odours and stains from the van, leaving it looking smart and polished.

Consider spending a little to change any floor mats that are looking ragged, and be sure to give it a good polish – the first impression is everything, from initial photos to an in-person inspection.

Fix small issues

Have a look around your van to spot any small blemishes that could give a buyer the chance to reconsider a purchase. Whether it’s a small chip in the windshield that you’ve yet to fill, a knob on the dashboard or control panel that’s a little loose, or a bit of upholstery that’s had a rough time, it’s worth going ahead and resolving the issues to get it looking as good as possible!

If you have any lights or spark plugs that are on their way out, get them changed. Replace the oil, windscreen cleaner and other fluids that are running a little low, and throw an air freshener in there to keep the interior fragrant. All these little things can have a big impact on how your van is perceived, so it’s worth getting it out of the way before you’ve photographed the vehicle.

Remove modifications & branding

This is particularly common of vans that have been used for commercial purposes, but if you’ve added any aftermarket modifications to the van – shelving racks, storage sections – or applied logos to the exterior, then you’ll want to remove them before selling it on.

Try to return the van as close to the original as possible, as you can never be sure that a buyer is going to want the same interior as you. If you can’t remove the modifications without causing damage to the van’s interior, then it’s best to avoid attempting this step.

Take quality photos

If you’re advertising the van on any popular online marketplace, you’ll generally have an option to include photos of the vehicle. Take the time to capture some high-quality snaps that show the important details – even blemishes, scratches or faults. It’s better to be upfront with a buyer about the condition of the vehicle before they travel to see it in person to avoid the chance that they’ll find an unwelcome surprise.

You don’t need to break out the SLR camera and lighting rig either, as most modern smartphones have perfectly good cameras you can use. Focus on showing the interior space and features of the van, being sure to showcase all the steps you’ve taken above. Show a clean, well-kept van that’s in good condition, and you’ll increase your chances of being contacted by potential buyers.

Gather all your documents

Find the documents you’ll need when selling and keep them together in a place you’ll remember. You might have to refer to them a number of times, so keeping them handy will make the whole process easier.

Additionally, when buyers come to view the van, you’ll have all the necessary paperwork ready for them to view. Check out our guide on which documents you need to sell your van to learn more.

Check out our guide on which documents you need to sell your van to learn more.

Clean your van… Again

You’re now ready for selling and should be well on your way, whether you’re advertising privately, speaking to local dealerships or using an online car buyer such as Jamjar. When buyers get in touch to see it in person, make sure to give your van a good clean each time to ensure it’s in top condition for their visit. This also gives you a chance to spot anything you missed previously and fix it before they arrive, so it’s worth doing.