The most expensive car colour

Ever wondered how your car's colour can affect its value? Before buying a new car, you might want to check if your car colour is too expensive.

Red is the most expensive colour car. True or false? If you’ve ever wondered what the most expensive car colour is let us fill you in.

Does colour matter?

Although you might think the colour of your car doesn’t matter, it kind of does. The colour of a car really does matter and can make or break a car. It’s all about what colour is appropriate for that vehicle. Believe it or not, it’s actually the colour of a car that can totally change its finished look and give it a totally different personality.

How do you choose your car colour?

When it comes to choosing which car colour you like best, there are so many different factors that you might want to consider.

For example, you could just go with the flow and go with what appears to be the most popular colour at that time or you could choose whichever colour you fancy. In 2018, the colour grey gradually became the UK’s most favourite colour car and prior to that it was black that was the in the limelight, followed by white, blue and red.

As figures go, you might be shocked to know that the last primary colour to be the UK’s favourite was blue back in 1999! Generally, your blues, blacks, greys and silvers are the most popular shades for new cars and the ones that tend to generate great second-hand prices.

As you’d have probably expected, brighter cars and the more unusual colours such as yellows and greens etc. tend to make up a small proportion of car sales. Therefore, its colours like these that are less likely to be sought after by potential used car buyers. So although they might stand out from the crowd, if its a good resale value that you’re after, its probably best to steer clear of bold car colours.

Small cars

Bearing in mind the above and that its usually best to avoid bright cars, small cars actually tend to suit brighter colours. Whether its a green Kia or a red Skoda, these colour cars are not uncommon and their vibrant colours can often attract the younger driver who likes a bold colour. However, it is cars like this that do tend to be a little bit cheaper.

Large cars

When you think of large cars, you tend to imagine them in your usual shades or grey, blue and silver etc. It’s not very often that you’ll see a large SUV or a BMW 3 Series that is orange or yellow, it just wouldn’t look right on such a big car with a much larger personality. It’s your luxury cars like these the usually fetch stronger prices if they are the right colour. Bright and bold colours just never seem to work all that well on big cars and can really affect their value.

Other body styles

When you think about the different body styles on the market, from convertibles to coupes and even hot hatches, they often tend to be able to get away with bright colours because of their sleek bodywork.

High-performance cars can attract buyers regardless of their colour, a lot more than standard models. Although they still suit your standard sober colours, they can also pull off the more flamboyant ones too and still have a good resale value.

Let’s not forget their purchase price too. If you’ve got a black Ferrari that you’re looking to buy, you know it’s going to be expensive. However, the fact that it’s black and if black is the most popular colour at that time, this could just push your budget over the edge.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of buying a new car, but the colour will definitely have a huge impact on whether or not you choose to buy it and will also come into play later down the line when your questioning how much it will be worth when the time comes to sell.

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