How to find the value of my car for free

If you’re looking to find out the value of your car but not too sure where’s the best place to go then, don’t worry as you’ve come to the right place and we can help to point you in the right direction.

How much is my car worth?

First things first, you’re here because you want to know how much your car is worth. The fact that you’ve made it this far is great as we’ve got lots of useful information to help you when it comes to finding out your car’s value if you’re thinking about selling your car.

Getting an accurate price of how much your car is worth will potentially help you to sell it faster. It will also help you when it comes to any negotiations as you’ll be clued up on your car’s value and will be able to tell whether the potential buyer is taking you for a fool and driving the price down too low.

But where exactly do you go to find out how much your car is worth? Look no further as you’ve found the perfect place right here. With our online car valuation tool, we can help you by putting a price on your car straight away. You could know your car’s value within seconds and all we need is your reg number.

By using our FREE online car valuation tool we can give you an accurate idea of what price to sell your car for. We can provide you with free and reliable car valuations that will help you ensure a smooth car selling process.

What affects a car’s value

Your car’s value is very much determined by various different factors. Although a car’s valuation is a good guide as to how much your car could be worth it’s also important not to forget that each car is unique and each individual car will have different factors that will need to be taken into account.

For example, your car’s age is an important factor. Your car’s value could be decreased quite dramatically if it is considered to be old. On the other hand, if your car is fairly new and hasn’t been on the road that long, then your value could be increased. New cars are only released twice a year, so you could always check how old your car is just by looking at your registration.

Mileage is another factor. Generally, the rule of thumb is that cars with a lower mileage tend to achieve a better sale value than those that have a lot more miles on the clock. This indicates that there has probably been less wearing and tear on the vehicle over time.

Believe it or not but the colour of your car can also affect its value. Some colours are more popular than others, which means that a car of a certain colour could be worth more if is one that is considered to be a popular demand.

An obvious one is your car’s presentation. Providing that your car has no damage and is in excellent condition, it’s likely to be worth a lot more than a car that has significant wear and tear and parts that aren’t working.

Those are just some of the factors that can affect your car’s value. The main thing is that you make sure your car is looking its best before selling it on to anyone.

Why you can trust Jamjar

Here at Jamjar, we can help you to sell your existing vehicle. Working out your car’s value has never been easier for us. In just a few simple steps you can find out how much your car is worth and we’re going to tell you how.

Start off by entering your reg number. Just you reg will do we don’t need anything else at this stage in order to be able to get a car valuation. Other online car buying comparison sites will ask for some of your most personal and private information, but not us. You can choose when you want to give us that information.

So no personal details are required here to be able to get a car valuation, we just simply don’t need them.

Once you’ve done that we’ll instantly provide you with a huge list of values from our hundreds of UK car buyers who want to buy your car. All you have to do is sieve through them and narrow it down to just one. Whichever one tickles your fancy and can provide you with the best deal for your vehicle.

Your chosen car buyer will then be in touch with you shortly to arrange a time and date for collection as well as organise the payment.

We’ve helped millions of customers over the years and provided them with valuations that they couldn’t be more pleased with. So why not get yours today and find out how much your car could be worth by entering your reg number now.