How to sell a number plate

The process of selling a number plate can be easy if you know how. If you've never done it before, don't worry, our handy guide is here to help you out.

Did you know that you can sell your private number plate online for free? If you’ve never had a private plate before and you’re worried about the selling process, then don’t be, it’s not as daunting as you might think.

Here’s our guide to how it’s done.

Selling a private plate

Some drivers can take their love for their car to a whole new level by getting a personalised number plate. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for some, a number plate that has been made especially for them can mean a lot.

You may not think it but personalised number plates can actually be worth quite a bit of money. To be honest, if you were to sell a personalised number plate it could potentially make you hundreds of pounds if it’s personalised enough.

There are loads of different places online where you could go to sell your number plate, you just have to decide where.

Putting a personalised number on retention

Have you ever heard the term ‘on retention’? If not, then not to worry. ‘On retention’ basically refers to a plate that isn’t allocated to a vehicle but is owned by somebody.

The ‘Retention Document’ is also known as the V778, which shows who owns the number and is also the document that you’d go to if you need to assign a number plate to a vehicle.

The opposite of this is a V750, which is a pink form and is the document that you would use for a number that hasn’t been on a vehicle yet.

What’s the process for changing number plates?

Now that you know a little bit about retention, I bet you’re wondering just exactly how much all of that costs.

Well, it turns out that you have to pay the DVLA £80 if you wish to put a number plate on retention and to receive your certificate.

All you need with you is your V5C document and then your retention certificate will be sent to you in the post.

It’s important to remember that the fee is only for putting a number on retention or if you’re looking to do a direct transfer from one vehicle to another. It’s not for assigning a number you have on retention to a vehicle. We just wanted to stress that point so that there’s no confusion.

Sell with Jamjar

Selling a private number plate is the same as selling a normal one really. We can even find you a buyer for your private plate vehicle right here.

Whether you choose to remove your private plate and keep it for your next vehicle, or if you want to leave it on and sell it with your car, then we have hundreds of car buyers who will be willing to take your car off your hands for you.

However, if you do decide to remove your personalised plate, your chosen car buyer will be unable to purchase your vehicle until they have the correct V5C document back from the DVLA. Once they have this, which usually takes between 4-6 weeks, they will successfully be able to go ahead with buying your vehicle.

So if you fancy giving it a go and selling your car either with or without your personalised plate, then find out how much your car is worth here today.

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