How Your Car’s Service History Affects its Value

If you're considering selling your car then you might be thinking about your car's service history and whether or not the price will be affected if you cannot provide a full-service history. Make sure that you're aware of the importance of service history with our latest blog.

We’re often told that we shouldn’t buy a car without a service history, but does this really make a difference? Also, if we fail to maintain our car’s service history are we really going to lose out when it comes to reselling? By ensuring that your car is serviced on a regular basis and you store all the relevant information, you could potentially add value to your car when the time comes to selling.

What is a full-service history?

A car’s service history is essentially a collection of paperwork that provides evidence of all the times that a car has been serviced. A full-service history means that the vehicle has been closely maintained and there are no discrepancies that need investigating. When it comes to selling your car, your car’s service history is very important and is something that buyers will often want to see as it provides reassuring evidence that your car has been serviced regularly, well treated, and gives a clear picture of your car’s current condition.

Why is service history important?

If your car doesn’t have a full-service history then suspicion begins to arise as to whether or not the car has been properly maintained and can also decrease your car’s value. However, there are also various other factors that may be taken into account to determine its resale value.

To help keep the maximum value of your car, you should consider your car’s age and that due to depreciation, which gradually happens to all cars as they get older, the older your car or if a newer model has been introduced, then your car will depreciate.

The brand also plays an important role in your car’s resale value. For example, Porsche and Audi will ultimately hold their value much more than your everyday standard brand such as Vauxhall. Do also bear in mind your car’s current condition as the poorer the condition, the less value your car will hold when it comes to selling. It’s important to think about both your car’s interior and exterior as somebody purchasing your car will be no doubt seeking to purchase a car that is in great condition with no dents, scratches or damage to the interior.

Mileage can also be a factor taken into account. The lower the mileage, the more attractive your car can look to a potential buyer and it could increase its value. If your car is considered to have quite a high mileage they are less appealing as they can be quite costly on the upkeep and are worthless when it comes to selling.

How do I find out a car’s service history?

Although a partial service history isn’t necessarily a bad thing and it doesn’t mean that you’re hiding anything. Documents can go missing, but if you’re curious to find out more about a car’s service history before purchasing it, then you can perform a history check. There are many websites that can provide this for you, as well as provide you with other information about the relevant car.

If you’re thinking of selling your car, your service history can prove to be a key document that can help to ensure that the sale of your car goes smoothly. So, to help you feel more prepared, why not check out our car selling guidance page to find out what documents and receipts you need.

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