Kia adds new hybrid models as electric car demand falters

Did you know that Kia is expected to be launching nine electrified models by 2028? Word on the street is that hybrids will make up 20% of its sales in 2030, according to Car Scoops. Kia has ambitious plans that’s for sure, with an electrification plan and a goal of achieving 1.6 million annual electric vehicle sales by 2030

What new electric vehicles are Kia planning to introduce? 

Kia is planning to hit us with its ambitious electrification plan as it aims to introduce 15 new electric vehicle (EV) models by 2027. These include the EV2, EV4 and EV3 with a goal of achieving 1.6 million annual EV sales by 2030. 

But that’s not all! Kia recognizes the importance of hybrids and plans to expand its hybrid lineup from 6 models in 2024 to 9 by 2028, targeting 20% of global sales, says Car Scoops.  

The EV2, EV4 and EV5 are all part of Kia’s battery-powered electric lineup. The EV5 is already available in China and will soon be offered in Thailand and Australia, according to Electrive. Additionally, Kia plans to introduce purpose-built electric vehicles (PBVs) and the EV3, set for a global launch this summer, says Fleet News.  

The existing EV6 will be updated too with a mid-cycle refresh following the Hyundai Ioniq 5’s update.Speculation suggests it might receive a larger 82 kWh battery pack, according to Electrek.  

Kia is also expecting to electrify its lineup further by adding high-performance GT variants. The EV9 GT, arriving in January 2025, aims for a sub-4-second 0-60 mph time. The EV5 GT is also in the pipeline. 

Kia’s hybrid offerings will also expand

Kia’s hybrid offerings will expand, with models like the Carnival HEV leading the way. By 2028, Kia expects hybrids to account for 12% of global sales (around 372,000 units), according to Elektrek.  

The company aims to strike a balance between EVs and hybrids, recognising that both play crucial roles in the transition to cleaner mobility and what a great job it’s doing! 

What do Kia’s sales projections look like?  

By 2030, Kia estimates that 38% of its global sales will be EVs, according to Kia News Centre, a significant jump from the current 10% in 2024. 

In North America, the proportion of EV sales is anticipated to reach 40% and in Europe, electric vehicles are expected to dominate, comprising nearly 80% of the market

Hybrids will contribute to 20% of global sales, totaling 886,000 units by 2030, up from 14% in 2024. 

All in all, Kia’s electrified journey is well underway, and it’s exciting to see their commitment to sustainable mobility! This strategic move aligns with Kia’s commitment to a more sustainable and diverse vehicle lineup. By expanding their hybrid offerings, Kia aims to strike a balance between fuel efficiency and performance, catering to a broader range of consumers and contributing to a greener future. 

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