Fiat calls on Government to reinstate its electric car grant

Fiat is urging the UK government to reinstate its electric car grant in order to boost the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). The grant, which would provide financial incentives for buyers, could play a crucial role in achieving the country’s ambitious goal of 80% EV sales by 2030, according Motortrader.

What is Fiat’s request?

Fiat is specifically asking for the reinstatement of the plug-incar grant to encourage private buyers to choose electric cars. The grant was previously available but came to an end about a year ago. Since then, the growth of the EV segment in the UK has started to slow down, and demand for electric cars has fallen by 65% year-on-year.

Taking a proactive approach, Fiat introduced its own £3,000 incentive, known as the FIAT E-Grant, for buyers of the Fiat 500e and 500e Convertible. This grant doubles the amount offered by the previous government scheme, making it more attractive for potential EV buyers, says Fiat.

Damien Dally, Managing Director of Fiat UK, is all about advocating for affordability and emphasizes the need to incentivize individuals to afford the switch to electric vehicles. According to Fiat, the government’s focus has shifted toward public charging infrastructure, Fiat believes that more can be done to make EVs accessible to a wider audience.

European comparisons

While the UK’s Plug-in Car Grant may have been discontinued, 21 European countries continue to champion similar initiatives.These schemes aim to accelerate the adoption of EVs by providing financial incentives to buyers, with countries like Germany and Spain offering significant incentives of up to €9,0003.

These European countries recognize the importance of transitioning to cleaner transportation and are actively supporting the shift toward electric mobility. Who knows, maybe these initiatives might inspire other nations to follow suit!

Current climate makes it almost impossible to get private buyers into electric cars

The current car buying climate indeed presents challenges for encouraging private buyers to embrace EVs.

According to Damien Dally, the managing director of Fiat UK, there seems to be a lack of government initiatives to accelerate the adoption of battery-powered vehicles. He expressed this during the launch of Fiat’s new model, the 600, which he said: “More needs to be done. Consumers need further support to have a reason to make the switch to electric.”

Fiat had to adapt its strategy due to the slow adoption of electrification in the UK and beyond. Dally called for the reinstatement of the plug-in car grant for EVs, which previously reduced the cost of electric vehicles by £1,500.

Although the government has been supportive in certain areas, such as assisting Motability customers and business users transitioning to electric, the removal of the plug-in grant has impacted consumer decisions. As the market evolves, it remains crucial for policymakers to incentivize private buyers and facilitate the transition to cleaner mobility options, says Car Dealer Magazine.

All in all, Fiat’s call for the reinstatement of the electric car grant aligns with the broader goal of accelerating the transition to cleaner transportation and achieving net zero emissions. Government incentives, awareness campaigns, and continued technological advancements in the EV sector could all go towards helping to support the growth of the EV market.

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