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Sell Your Car In Middlesbrough

Looking for someone to value your car? Then look further. We’re ready and waiting to give you a great deal on your car. You can get in touch with us today and we will provide you with an instant quote. You’ll then be able to review your quotes, accept the best offer for you and arrange the most convenient time for the collection of your car. There’s no need to wait, you can get your quote right now by using our free online valuation tool, guaranteed to give you the best price for your vehicle. It’s the hassle-free way to sell your car and get the cash in your hands today.

With Jamjar, you can avoid all the hassle, the anxiety and the pitfalls of selling privately. Thanks to our easy and simple car selling process, you can find out just how much your car is worth in less than 60 seconds just by simply entering your registration number online. There’s no traps, no need to enter all your details, and no unexpected charges. There’s also no obligation either. So what have you got to lose? Find out how much your car could be worth right here.

How To Sell Your Car In Middlesbrough

Enter your car's registration number


Get you valuation

If you want to sell your car as quickly and as simply as possible then enter your registration number into our online valuation tool now. You’ll be able to find out how much your car is worth in seconds.


Personal data is no more 

Discover our unique valuation tool and how its free from you having to enter your personal details to be able to retrieve a value. There’s just no need to enter any of your personal information what so ever, talk about convenience!

Choose a scrap buyer whose offer you like the best

Review your offers

Once you’ve provided us with your registration and we’ve reached out to our huge network of UK car buyers, we’ll present you with your list of great offers. Take as long as you need to review them and consider which is the best offer your you.

Once you have sold your car for scrap, the dealer will aim to call you within 3 working hours

We can come to you

After some careful thought and when you’ve selected the offer that you’d like to go with, don’t worry about travelling the country to deliver your vehicle to your buyer. They can come to you and will even do all the paperwork too! You just need to sit back and wait for you cash.

Sell by Manufacturer

Have a specific car make and model in mind that you wish to sell online? No problem. Select your manufacturer below and continue your car selling journey with Jamjar today.

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Car Selling Guidance

Thinking about selling your car or have you already made up your mind? Whichever it is, you might be exploring your options but just not quite sure yet or you might be set on selling but just unsure about how to get the balling. Whatever, you’re stuck on, just know that we can help you to get started. Find out more right here within our car selling guidance section.


How to sell my car

How to sell my car

Most people think that they know how they would go about selling their car. However, what often happens is that when the time comes to it, they don’t and need a bit of guidance. That’s what we’re here for. Discover more about how to sell your car right here within our ‘how to’ section and get to grips with some of the basics.

Should I sell my car?

Should I sell my car?

It’s a tough one. If you find yourself having to ask this question then it’s a good job that you’ve found yourself here. We’ve covered lots of different factors here that you might want to consider before making that all-important decision about selling your car. It’s a big decision and you’ll want to choose wisely so why not let us help you with that.

Starting out when selling your car

Starting out when selling your car

Not many of us like to get started but once we’ve got the ball rolling, generally everything else seems to flow naturally. It’s sort of the same with selling your car too. Once you get started, you’ll never want to look back. You’ll have the money in your pocket and you’ll be wondering what all the fuss was about. Find out more about how to get started here.


“I needed a quick and easy way to sell my car. Jamjar provided an excellent service.”

Joe Dean