How to sell a modified car

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How to sell a modified car

Whether it’s improving the performance or adding a nodding dog to the dashboard, we all love to put a stamp on our car. The only thing about modifying a car from its original specification is that you begin to worry about how tricky it might be to sell your car when the time comes.

If you’ve put your own stamp on your car but are now worried about how that will affect its resale, don’t worry, we’re going to help you put your mind at ease.

What is the best way to sell my modified car?

Perhaps you’re looking to upgrade your car now that you’re done modifying it but you’re worried you might not be able to find a buyer for it. We’ll be honest, by modifying your car you are just slightly reducing your buyer base. It depends on how drastic the changes are that you’ve made to your vehicle.

If it’s anything major, then you should probably assume that you’re not going to find too many dealers for it and that selling it privately might be the better option. Whatever the deal is with your car modifications, it shouldn’t be too much of a big problem trying to sell it. Not when you have people like us!

Here at, we provide a quick and easy service that allows you to be able to sell any car to us. Yes, you heard right, any car. So whether you’ve modified it or not, or if you want to sell it or scrap it, we’ll take it off your hands for you. So long as you’ve listed all of your vehicle modifications, even if they aren’t visible, dealers will be able to decide whether it’s worth the risk on a car that’s a little different from the norm.

What counts as a car modification?

Placing an ad online or in the paper? Be sure that you list all of the changes and upgrades when you describe your car. The key is to make sure that you’re letting people know exactly what they are getting. You might be a bit skeptical at first about adding a description about your car being modified because many people might be looking for an original car, but just think about how much value your car could have with modifications. You might even find that you have an easier time selling it too, who knows.
These are just some car modifications that can set your car apart:
  • installing a sunroof
  • using body kits
  • alloy wheels
  • changes to upholstery or hardware
  • paint jobs or addition of stripes and badges

You might find that some modifications you do will be only temporary but can actually be quite tricky to remove. If you think tactically about any modifications you want beforehand, then you could think about how easy it would be to revert back. You never know, by doing this might make you think twice before doing any major changes to your car.

Things to think about before modifying

It’s time to get your thinking cap on and ask yourself, what else would be affected if I modify my car? The answer is, modifying your car can affect a number of these different things:

Insurance: your car insurance is definitely up there on the things you need to think about when modifying your car. When it comes to letting your car insurance company know what car you have, 9 times out of 10 they will assume you have just the standard model.However, if you have modified your car, then now is the time to let them know. If you don’t, then you could be setting yourself up to fall.

Warranty: all cars come with a warrant and some even with a service plan these days too. With modifications, there is a risk you might void the manufacturer’s warranties and service plans. Your right, this doesn’t sound too healthy. So if the modified car is quite new and under warranty, your warranty could be useless and any value in the warranty voided. It’s scary, but true and want to make sure you’re fully informed.

Safety: the most important one of them all, don’t you reckon? If you were to sell your car, can the buyer be truly sure that your car is safe? If it has modifications on it, is it a botched job? If there are any issues with the car, then you need to maybe accept that you might not get what you want for it.

What you need to do

Simply begin by heading off to our car valuation page. Once you get here you’ll then be able to enter your registration number into the yellow licence plate box (you can’t miss it).

Once you’ve done that we just need a few minor details from you. Don’t worry, we don’t need any of your personal details at this point. You can then sit back and relax and within seconds you’ll be able to find out how much your car is worth.

You’ll then be able to select the best offer for you and it’s at this point that you’ll then be asked to enter your final details so that you can secure your deal.

It’s as easy as that. It’s easy, time-saving and you’re able to get the best offer available.

Sell your modified car for FREE

If you’re looking to sell your modified car, you’re in the right place that’s for sure. And selling with us is FREE!

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If you’re worried about how much you’ll get for your modified car then your best bet is to just enter your registration number and see what offers you get.

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